You know you're rich

You know you’re really freakin rich when you don’t know how many homes you own. :smiley:

[quote] (CNN) – Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign used a new attack ad Thursday to pound Sen. John McCain for his failure to answer a question about how many homes he owns.

Sen. John McCain has faced Democratic criticism that he’s out of touch with average Americans.

The Democratic candidate hammered home the same point on the campaign trail in Virginia as the McCain camp battled back.

"Somebody asked John McCain, ‘How many houses do you have?’ and he said, ‘I’m not sure, I’ll have to check with my staff,’ " Obama said Thursday in Virginia. "True quote. ‘I’m not sure, I’ll have to check with my staff.’ So they asked his staff and he said, ‘At least four.’ "[/quote]


I don’t care if McCain owns 30 houses, just as long as he doesn’t move into the White House.

Agreed.  I’m also hoping that Obama wins in November!

I wish Ron Paul had a chance.

He is, by far the best candidate.

The best in what sense? 

He voted against a Darfur resolution (the only representative to do so).

He also rejects the 9/11 conspiracy theories outright, and often pokes fun at the “truthers”.  He also loves his guns, and believes everyone should be armed in case of tyranny (ie: if you don’t believe in democracy, it’s ok to shoot at the government).

He’s also firmly pro-life.  Which is fine if you’re a Catholic, I guess.

He’s against same-sex unions of any kind.  He believes sodomy should be illegal.

But hey, other than those show stoppers (in my opinion), he’s actually a pretty smart guy.  The pro-life, anti-gay thing seems to get lots of votes in the US.  And rejecting all the 9/11 nutjobs shows that he’s not a nutjob himself.

What exactly is it that you like about him?

Speaking of McCain, I’m loving his nicknames.

John McSame.  Or John MyCane.  Any others?

Oh man, I would be heart broken if sodomy was illegal here.  STAY OUT OF MY BEDROOM!

I think that’s a new quote for Eso’s signature!  Made me laugh!

The only guy who would not screw and tinker with the world other than his own country…

He’s the only one who is awake  :smiley:

He’s the only one in the GOP who thinks the world is not flat.  :smiley:

Well, he believes in Creationism, so he’s not far off.

I love how in Family Guy, Brian’s Prius has a “Kucinich '04” bumper sticker.

LOL.  Funny stuff! :smiley:

Yeah, McCain is lame.

Obama, that’s where we should be chillaxin’!

It is official.  Obama has selected Joe Biden to be his VP on the ticket.  I think Biden is a good choice.  I certainly hope that Biden will be a good attack-dog and go after McCain.  The race is getting tighter.


Joe Biden was the guy who pointed out that Giuliani’s sentence structure was basically “a noun, a verb, and 9/11.”

Smart guy, good speaker, a lot of washington experience.

Agreed.  Biden will be able to make voters feel more comfortable with Obama’s perceived lack of experience.  Hopefully, Biden will be able to  quickly lash into McCain’s campaign (with a smile of course).