You guys won't believe this!

so down in the West Kootenay’s there are 4 major towns…Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, and Grand Forks…guess who of all people is the City manager for Grand Forks?  anybody?  any takers at all?  that lying thief that almos bankrupted Prince Rupert…that’s right, Victor Kumar is doing the same job to them that he did to the Rupe…who in hell would’ve given him a reference?

I am quite sure that mayor and council would have given Victor Kumar an EXTREMELY POSITIVE reference…if only to get rid of him!! :smiley:

wow I feel sorry for those guys down there… lol just to get rid of him? wow too funny :laughing:

poor town. we dumped our town’s financial guy on them too. I havent had the urge to blow up municipal hall since he left

I also heard that our local blad mix radio dude moved to Nelson so he could hang out with his bud Victor

ya it’s cause the pirate out in Port Ed was kicking my ass with his/her signal…i couldn’t compete…you know if they are taking requests yet?