You forgot poland

Ya, I started to watch that last night, but I thought I should turn it off before my head exploded, I was sooo anticipating a “misunderestimate” or something.

Bush looked bunged up or something whenever it was Kerry’s turn to speak.

Some people are estimating this year’s deficit in the US o reach three wuarters of a trillion dollars.
Trudeau who? Mulroney who?

How can one take the best economy ever in US history, with the deficit being paid off, and the debt being paid down, to the worst economy since the 1930’s, and a record-breaking deficit?

How can one man turn “Today, we are all Americans” on September 12, 2001 to “Today, we all hate Americans” in 2004?


You’d think a US president would know how to finish a sentence in the same tense as he began it.

As I stated in another site:
“We’re Canadians, we don’t have to state the obvious. Some elected officals do it for us.”

The sad thing is that Poland had nothing to do with the invasion of Iraq, so Kerry was technically accurate. Poland was only persuaded to join the Coalition of the Billing after the invasion was over and “Mission Accomplished” was declared.

The Polish government now regrets ever getting involved, the Polish president says “We were taken for a ride.”

we can only hope tomorrow goes as well or better.