Yogurt Rip-Off!

OK…So…I’ve made this big decision to try and eat healthier but…My fella and I are regular customers at Tims so…I figure, “healthy”…Donut, not so much so I opt for the yogurt and fruit. What’s up with this?  My fella brings out a 6" plastic cup filled 1/2 max. of this mixture and what does it cost? I believe a “whopping” $1.99  Are they worried this gastronimical delight will end up on my lap and are allowing for “yogurt displacement” when I dip in my spoon? In which case, I say thank you for your consideration however are they unaware of the anguish that accompanies “donut withdrawal”  They should at least fill the darn cup and give me an extra napkin…I’ll risk any mess I may make as they are very good even though they only last a split second…  Also, Beware…Check out your bagels people blueberry was sporting some blue fuzz today…Not a good day for us at Tims today…I would say anyway :unamused:

then don’t go to horton’s

cowpucciono’s is so much better, they make a rad breakfast sandwhich, and the coffee is better too…and no i don’t work there. 

the only reason anyone should ever go to tim hortons is the chance at a hybrid camry in roll up the rim.

eating healthier… at a donut shop.  :sunglasses:

Man, don’t even bother recommending Cowpuccino’s to the Tim Horton’s folklore.  They’re a whole different breed all together.

Yeah, I also like cowpucciono’s as well.  I’ll go for a great coffee and conversation with a buddy once in awhile. :smiley:

  Yep, have to say I love Cowpuccinos also…Awesome coffee and a nice location…I used to go for their 'Sex in a Pan" delight but as I started this post with my decision to go “healthy” then I guess I have to stick to the granola cookies!!! Dammit anyway! A girl can change her mind though right,?  :smiley:

I hate to admit it, but I always order the sex in a pan when I go there (absolutely decadent :smiley:).  Agreed, it has a nice location.

Also remember that most brands of yogurt aren’t as healthy as you might think. Some of the major ones aren’t the source of calcium that you might think they are.

I would recommend the daily soups they have as well.  Particularly the minestrone and oriental beef chicken noodle (I haven’t had it in awhile so I’m not sure if that’s the exact name).  There both healthy, and taste great. =)