Yo Momma

OMG, hilarious website!

It’s a site where people send in “words of wisdom” from their mommas.


An example:

the other day I accidently grabbed one of Maggie’s [my sister] sneakers and one of mine and didn’t realize it until I was already changed, etc…so I thought…what the hell…I’m already here and no one will notice so I got on the lifecycle in a size 9.5 gray sneaker with the neon green Nike swoosh and a grey size 7 sneaker with a bright pink NB (new balance) emblem and along comes two people from another office and they stop by and say hello…(I also had on one of Maggie’s T-shirts…huge paw print on the back which was too small and would not, for the life of me, go over my hips)…are you getting the picture…I should have hung my head and ran for the locker room…instead I just acted as if it was a perfectly normal workout outfit and I was a perfectly normal exerciser…I think I saw a group of ‘mean girls’ making fun of me over by the treadmills…however, I will not get discouraged…and I promise never to give my real name.

Peace out,

Yo psycho momma so fat, there’s three or four thin ones inside screamin’ to be let out!

My psycho momma usually shut’s 'em up with ice cream and cookies.