Yngwie Gets stuck in Exit Only

Word on the street, straight from the news. I bring you a story that will sicken your soul. Anyways some where the world, someone got there yngweee Stuck up there pooper. When He called the hospital, the desk clerk was in disbelieve. Apparently She didnt not believe this person had there yngwee Stuck up there sewage pipe. So soon later after showing up at the hospital and with little time and effort they managed to remove the yngwee from his pickle jar. A little soap and water he was good to go.
Wow better then getting your nuts bitten by a police dog.
So People dont go stick’n your yngwee where it dont belong!

Wow, you are pretty brave to confide to us like this!

its not fair if you change my story like that

Cry me a river. You asked for it. I could do much worst but you’re new and you provide some entertainment so I wont.


= FAG!! with no life !

Your momma’s but is so tight
When she farts, only dogs can hear it.

And apparently she can hear it as well…

i rented the movie Snatch last week and it was really good.but i had this urge to put on a raincoat, gumboots, gloves with no fingers, disshevel mu hair and bring it to the girl at the counter and say (while drooling) " Gawwdam rented this movie and there weren’t even one women neeked in it! i want my money back…heehhh hhehhhhhh…"

You should have done it for entertainment value. That movie is awesome.


= FAG!! with no life ![/quote]

OMG You spelt stuff right today.