Yes, another Salvation Army and/or Food Bank Thread!

I think the problem is solved if Extra Foods closes the doors as it keeps being mentioned here. Food bank is open three days a week and there does not seem to be any criteria for getting hand outs, it almosts sounds like a free for all there and after speaking to a friend who went down there,I feel sorry for the poor workers. He said while he was there he saw two nice SUVs show up and different people got out went in and came out a bit later with bags of goods. It seems the captains do not really care, them christians seem to just turn the cheek. So just figured if the doors shut well get in your Jeep,Van,SUV or PickUp and get in on the free loading. I do not believe in it being that way but if the captains allow it what the hell. Just go easy on the poor overworked staff, they are just workers trying to make ends meet.

  It was my day off today so on and off was watching the coverage of the tragedy in Haiti and sadly and then angrily thinking of some who use the food bank and complain that the mac and cheese they were given, FOR FREE,  was a generic brand and they did not eat that.  What the hell does anyone in this town have to complain about, really?  I have never understood, and doubt I ever will, the mindset of those that complain about something that is given to them for free. Is it human nature, I don’t know but it is very sad and certainly brings many things into perspective. We should give thanks for all that we have, no matter how little we may perceive it to be.

They would not be there ( food bank ) in the first place if they understood that things are not just handed to you,  That you have to work for everything.  I am fully aware that there are people in that situation because of other reasons and do try,  but there are an equal amount of people who will accept a hand out of food,  but not a job if it was handed to them.

And from what study and or experience do you glean these facts from? 

The facts are these:  The Food Bank is open 3 days weekly to anyone in the community.  There is no critieria, they make an appointment and fill out a request form for their food up to the value amount for the size of the family and the requests are filled and given to the families. Contrary to rumours in town, the food bank does serve single people and emergencies so are very busy. They are able to access the bank once a month and at the initial appointment they fill out an intake form with name , address and birthdate of everyone in the home. That’s it.

No study,  just lived in Rupert for a long time now,  Same old story,  no jobs, dropping off resumes looking like shit, smelling of booze,  just to fill thier obligation to hand out resumes.  And this is not just a Ruprt problem BTW,  just relevent to our town…


what a “chore” it must be to have to get up and go job seeking. Today a couple people have come in to drop off their resume, and like you say, not looking to healthy,and asked me to sign this job search sheet. What a pile of shit this is. Is this how they stay on welfare, pretending their looking for work ????

Yep, if you have a phone book and can read and write, there you go, job search complete and cheque issued for the next month.  The whole system is a farce! What gets me is they are coming down on people on disability, making them jump through hoops and frightening them by informing them if they don’t, they could lose their benefits and these are some that are already employed part-time, legal and above board and trying to make a go of it despite some inabilities. How can they, in good conscience, add extra stress to those who are already breaking under what they carry on a daily basis.  Makes me sick!

Some people need welfare,  I get that. However I think if a person has an IQ over 70, (and even that does not limit some people from getting a job.) and does not have a physical diability ( and again that does not seem to stop some people from getting a job)  So to recap that long winded statement,  if someone id cabable of work,  welfare should last only a short period of time.  I know, that if I was dropped off in any city where I know no one, with the cloths on my back, and lie on my resume to lessen my skill base, I would be working in a month. 
There is no reason not to be working if you truely want a job.

\exactly where theres a will theres a way. if you present yourself properly and with confidence you can get a job. ive never had a problem getting a job in this town or any town

So just out of interest and since all you helpful folks have suggested that there are lots of jobs out there I checked out the local papers and the Jobs canada website. Don’t quite see this bounty of jobs out there, perhaps you can list for us all these opportunities that will remove the burden from your daily lives of having to deal with the unemployed.

It always helps to “beat the pavement” and network.  Not all jobs are posted in the obvious.  Get out there and ask if anything is available and you could be quite amazed at what you can find if you look beneath the surface.  If you really want a job and you are looking for anything that will get you through, you will find it.

The problem with the food bank is that it’s a hand out and after a while it just becomes a way of life for people… 
I agree that there is not much work in Rupert, that goes w/o say but more people should look at where skill shortages still that exist and take trainning in those areas and also look at relocation…  all not easy I know, but welfare and food banks cause people to expect freebies…  Welfare is not enough to live on and becomes a terrible trap… 

I have to agree with RupertGuy is some aspects, Relocation is sometimes a must in some areas.  I still fee there are jobs in rupert if one looks hard enough.

Decker-  My beef is not with the unemployed.  It is the willingly unemployed I have issue with, the ones who do not look, or look properly.

yes exactly how i feel . if i have to work at 7-11 or a gas station or corner store i will and have . in victoria i worked at 2 gas stations 70 hours a week to get by. but most people that want work look beyond just looking in a paper or the job bank.survival of the fittest and no ones gonna help you more to survive than yourself

Not that long ago our company went after an prospective employee who had lost their current job due to a change in leadership, (the new leader hired all of his family members). We pursued this person for some months the job would have paid in the $40,000, per year range but no go. One day I ran into this person and asked them if they were going to come to work with us and was flat out told no, I’ve been approved for welfare I’m moving back home. I was absolutely floored that someone would turn down full time employment to accept welfare and move home to a place where there are no jobs and no prospect of jobs unless you are related to the person in power.

very sad situation…  this renforces my prior thoughts…  someone would rather accept welfare and it’s poverty than take a job paying $40,000 a year… 
What is your company?