Yard Work / Landscaping

Since I don’t have the time nor the ability to deal with fresh cut grass and flowers without sneezing myself silly, I’m in need of someone to do some yard work.  Mowing, weeding, pruning, and some minor landscaping need to be done to my front and back yards.

Does anyone know of someone who wants to make some extra cash?  I have access to all the equipment, and just need someone willing to do the work.

call Mary at  250- 624-4241 she advertised in the paper and is excellent at the landscaping trade of cutting lawns and much more like you have mentioned…

Perhaps my younger cousin would be interested. Try getting in contact with my brother and see if he will relay the message… or go with the person aboves suggestion  :wink:

Your welcome to “borrow” the feral cats of my neigbhourhood for fertilization purposes, they’ve done a fabulous job on my garden and lawn… :neutral_face:

Oh those cats worked wonders in my neighbourhood too.  That’s why the “grass/weeds” are 2 feet tall!!