Yacht with helicopter

There’s a yacht in the harbour here with it’s own helicopter!


Called the “Lady Christine” of Georgetown, Cayman Islands, my internet research says she was built by Oceanco and is now owned by Irvine Laidlaw.

Yeah, neat boat.

I went near it yesterday while coming back from fishing. I didn’t notice the chopper. Did it say how much it was worth? And is that Laidlaw from the company?

Irvine Laidlaw, Chairman and Founder of Institute for International Research Ltd , joins Wall Street Global’s Advisory Board


New York, 10 July, 2000- Wall Street Global, an Institutional Fund Supermarket and financial service provider to global Financial Institutions, announced today that Irvine Laidlaw has joined their Advisory Board. Mr. Laidlaw, Chairman and founder of Institute for International Research Ltd (IIR), brings over 30 years of global business and operations, marketing and leadership experience to the Board.
Mr. Laidlaw founded IIR, the world’'s largest conference company with 4,000 employees and operations in 35 countries, in 1974. IIR creates and runs over 4,000 conferences every year, including many large-scale association type events. IIR is also one of the world leaders in the provision of corporate training, with particular emphasis on IT, telecoms, project management, sales and financial skills training. They are heavily involved in e-learning, with all divisions offering their training through Internet models. The company also has divisions in trade exhibitions, running major trade shows in the US, UK, Middle and Far East, and B2B publishing interests in the UK and USA.
Previous to founding IIR, Mr. Laidlaw worked for Doubleday in both New York and London. He has lived and worked in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Netherlands, France and the UK. Mr. Laidlaw has degrees from Leeds University, England and an M.B.A. from Columbia University, New York.

– ### –

Wall Street Global (WSG) is the leading Institutional Fund Supermarket and financial service provider to mid-sized Financial Institutions outside the US (private banks, insurance companies, mid-size brokers and independent financial advisors worldwide). Wall Street Global provides Financial Institutions with the tools and technology they need to provide excellent financial products and services to their clients. We offer state-of-the-art Internet technology, relationships with over 50 top-performing mutual fund companies and a vast selection of over non-proprietary mutual funds and annuities to qualifying Financial Institutions. Wall Street Global provides Financial Institutions with a fund transaction platform, back-end systems and account tracking, and unified account statements for their advisors and individual clients. We offer a variety of customized technical solutions, improving the processing of transactions between FIs and the mutual fund companies. Institutions are able to increase their product selection, streamline their operations and simplify their fund clearing with little incremental cost and increased commission payouts to them.
Wall Street Global’s headquarters are located in the heart of New York City’'s Financial District, across from the New York Stock Exchange. Our securities are offered through Wall Street Financial Group, Inc., member NASD/SIPC.

wallstreetglobal.com/Press/p … Press_ID=9

hoshq, maybe you should post your photo here. Prince Rupert’s name would look good along side places such as Monaco.


Oh the life of the super rich:

http://tinyurl.com/2y6rb Vintage car racing.

http://www.farrinternational.com/news/8-16highfling.html Sailboat racing.

It seems he also has a private jet.

And wow! He is a lord:http://www.leadersinlondon.com/speaker-focus-3.cfm?sid=21

Google makes your life public in an instant!

Jason Priestley of 90210 fame is coming to Rupert to do some fishing next week.

says who Miss Town Crier?

wow, famous people.

Wow someone has their thong a little stuck today… imagine that.


Wow someone has their thong a little stuck today… imagine that.[/quote]

Hah… no actually i was just being a smartass, what I really meant to ask you was, where did you get that information darling?

My friend’s husband works for the charter boat that is taking them out.