Yacht club flags

Not to reopen the hornets nest that the topic seemed to become (but I guess I will), simply put the Yacht club should be ashamed of the state of their flags, they should be replaced with no delay, go to Zellers buy some flags.

With the tourist season about to arrive, you can make sure our American friends who put in there for the night (or week) will make comment about their flag and it’s tattered image, word will spread and the yacht club will have no shortage of nasty comments directred its way about the distasteful way they treat Americans.

Likewise they should show a little respect for the country they represent as a port of call, I’m sure if they passed the hat around (boat owners seeming to have a bit of discretionary income I’m sure) they more than likely could come up with enough flags to cover the entire year of weathering…

they should have it in thier budget and just have them on hand

I have a brand new flag everyone so will present it to the Yacht Club tomorrow after work and see how it is received…Will keep you posted  !!    :smiley:

I won’t make any attempts to share my thoughts on what I feel the flag represents or mention the sacrifices that many made to ensure that we fly that flag so I do not break any previously or currently unknown internet posting laws that were created by someone that nobody heard of but are known by the moderators of this forum.  It would be a good idea to replace the flags at the yacht club though, they’re getting kind of tattered.

See, that’s cool!

Yes it is, though considering the amount of disposable income that the folks “that belong to the yacht club” might have, it really shouldn’t be the requirement of local citizens to provide flags to a spot such as the yacht club. Following this logic we should all run down to the court house, city hall, etc everytime they lose a flag…

Really replacing a flag is siimply a course of good citizenship. It shouldn’t be near this complicated…

But hey this could be tomorrows story in the Daiy News who knows…

I remember when this happened at the Courthouse at Remembrance Day and everyone was right to point out how shameful it was. Although it isn’t my job to monitor stuff like that, I made it a point to talk to the people who’s job it is to try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. In fact, I made them give me an extra set of flags just in case.

This is what someone at the Yacht Club should do. Replace the ones there and make sure to have spares on hand.

Ah common sense, what a refreshiing thing.

Guess we  can lock the topic now, we’ve solved the problemm :imp:  :smiley:

You know who else had flags. hitler had flags.

Oh here we go again, well off to the wasteland it shall go… :unamused:

i just gotta add a “lol” before then

Considering the amount of disposable time you might have, couldn’t you have called the Yacht Club and reminded them to buy a new one in the same time it took to make this thread? Maybe they just haven’t noticed and need someone who has noticed, like you, to remind them.

Making a thread here won’t cause the flags to be changed–except for the fact that someone took initiative as a favour to the Club.

Yeah I can imagine it must be rather time consuming to uh, look up.

And sorry I’m afraid I don’t have the same kind of disoposable income, nor the inclination to spend my time taking care of something that the actual users should do. Perhaps you are familiar with some of he boat owners of the city…  :wink: maybe you can spare a quarter to make that call for me… or have someone do it for us…  :unamused:

  I am taking the flag down tomorrow just to offer it to them and ask why they have not replaced the tattered one.  Unfortunately though, I can not take responsibility for the American flag as I don’t have one of theirs handy.!  I am probably doing this to make my Dad proud, a retired CO in the Armed Forces (Air Traffic Controller)and goes without saying, very patriotic  :smiley:    Let’s hope the folks at the Yacht Club don’t get pissed off with me  :unamused:

Kudos codybear.

My purpose in starting the thread was to shame the Yacht Club into doing something which they should have done as a matter of course. Since I know no-one there and have no connection with the place I saw this as a legitimate course. Call it whining if you want Bakerwriter, but your solution isn’t practical for me. And, by the way I am far from a “kid”.

I have served under both the Red Ensign and the Maple Leaf. They are both Canadian flags. And while there have been undesirable things done in Canada’s name that I also don’t like, the purpose of honouring the flag of your country is to honour those who have died giving honourable service for their countrymen.

That’s your purpose. Others likely honor it for different reasons and some don’t because, as you mentioned, they are ashamed of some of the things that have been done in the country’s name.

Wisdom comes with age and experience. Hopefully.

Yes, hopefully, but certainly not always.

In the end, it’s just a piece of fabric. The Canadian flag doesn’t define who I am as a citizen, and I don’t necessarily feel an overwhelming attachment to our flag. What I find funny is that you, someone who professes to care about the ideals our flag represents, would rather make a thread and complain about it rather than make a really, really quick phone call.

Quick someone phone PCO the pests are back…