XP Recover CD Maker

This is a cool program.

Fix Windows Crashes
XP Recovery CD has several tools to help you recover from a Windows XP or Windows 2000 crash.
Start Windows with XP Recovery CD
If Windows will not start, put the XP Recovery CD in the CD drive and start your computer. The XP Recovery CD has the Bart’s PE version of Windows on it which will allow you to access your drives and fix problems.
Crash Troubleshooter
This easy-to-use troubleshooter steps you through the process of diagnosing what caused the crash and how to fix it.
WinXP Restore Points
This tool finds registry backups in WinXP’s Restore Points and lets you choose which one to recover.
WinRescue’s Crash Fixer
WinRescue’s popular Crash Fixer is duplicated in XP Recovery CD to make recovering from a crash with WinRescue Backups easy.
Drive Explorer
This Windows Explorer look-a-like makes it easy for you to find, copy, rename, move, and delete files and folders.
Unzipper and Extractor
This tool extracts files from zip files and WinRescue Backups.
The Maker
XP Recovery CD is a plugin which is built on BartPE CD. Bart’s PE CD is free and must be used with XP Recovery CD. Our setup program, XP Recovery CD Maker, will guide you through the process of downloading BartPE CD and using it to make an XP Recovery CD.
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Use this program to make a Boot CD with rescue tools for WinXP and Win2000.

Please be aware that XP Recovery CD requires you to make the CD with

Which I will post the download.
BartPE link:


Superwin link is:

unzip password is : MOW

I feel this is a must download for lots of users. :smiley:

Anyone try it yet :question:

there are numerous programs that i have used in the past …I would have to say the best one out there is erd commander, lets you recover lost passwords or reset winxp user name password, virus scan, all the things and more that bart can do

That program sounds very cool and helpful. Thankx.