XP is so SLOW


This HAS to be a new record! “But I use Telus Freedom Security!”. Made her send me the screenshot because I didn’t believe it myself.

that look’s pretty sweettt!!! NICe…

4600 of those came with the ugly wallpaper.

At my friend Kyla’s house Ad Aware found 6613 objects, Spybot S&D found a few dozen more (can’t remember an exact number) :open_mouth:

Is Spybot any good? I stopped using it after I ran Adaware and it found hundreds that Spybot missed. Maybe I should run both?

I suggest running both. Spybot doesn’t detect many things, but it usually gets several that Ad Aware misses.

So i did that on a system. Ran Adaware, rebooted to pick up stragglers, then installed spybot and ran it and found a couple more. Then I ran adaware immediately after and it found 87 more! What’s with that?

Maybe Spybot lets in objects that Spybot doesn’t detect then when you ran

Ad-aware it picked up the stragglers. Maybe Spybot lets in things that the

program beleaves are safe and wont slow the system down, every time its


try defraging and removing files that you dont want

that is sad.