Xmas tree stand

Anybody out there have a xmas treestand to lend or donate for the holidays?



Thanks MIKE, now I am going to have to print it out and put it in my wife’s card and give it to her early so she can get the tree up. Hope it works. But I am still open for loaners or donation.

He didn’t mention the crossbeams are cemented to the floor, that isn’t a dish but a donut made of depleted uranium, and the string is actually 1/4 titanium aircraft cable tensiones to 200 lb/ft…
but the tree won’t fall over like with those $3.99 stands.

Hey just trying to be helpful in case no one comes through with a loaner or a give-away…lol


I might have one…I’ll look and let you know.

Sorry dude…must have been sold at my last garage sale