xBox 360

Hello all I had a x-box360 along with Rockband 1 and 2, Guitar hero Matellica, and Saints Row 2  stolen between 1am to 8am this mornning from the hood  lol dumb saying , if anyone hears about someone trying to sell a 360 with games please leave a comment bellow

Which “Hood” are you in?

kootenay ave
I think my woman or her brother left the door unlocked , I told her it would happen and it did, while we were asleep , vary brave crook because if I cought him or they  would be in the hospital today :imp:

Sounds like an inside job, ever notice anyone fondling the guitar contoller in a perverse way. Seriously though they targeted your system for the heist,were there any other xbox games there, was anything else of value taken, (dvd player,movies,xbox games,cd’s ) if not that in itself would raise red flags.

I’ve been out and still haven’t heard anything ,will let you know if I do!

Sounds like it is time to invest in a PS3.

Yeah. Nobody would steal it at least.  :imp:

I feel safer already, knowing we have geminigirl167, parolling our streets, keeping joysticks and consoles in the hands of the truly deserving GAMERS!

did u go downtown to the hawklshop lol on 2nd ave and see if they got a xbox360 with games in

Yes I have , he has the info he needs, I really dont expect to get the system back, it can be replaced in acouple of weeks , but I f I can get a name there will be alittle bit of pain administerd to the monkey responcible everytime I see him :imp:

ps3 is better my 360 has broken twice now . gave up on it. but i do feel sorry for you losing it this way