Xbox 360?

Anybody get the new xbox yet?

I guess with the price of natural gas, you can just use the 360 to heat your home now?

Seriously, the three people I know that bought one all have described it as very hot, crashing often.

I was going to buy one, but I think I may wait for the PS3 or the Revolution instead…

Maybe it’s running Windows 98.


Maybe it’s running Windows 98.[/quote]

Or Windows ME, 98’s shittier brother?

Why do so many pehople hat ME? Sut off the worst feature System Restore and at least you get drivers and only need 1200 updates…
Anyone catch the news from Seattle where a couple stores flyered Xbox’s dirt cheap? Huge crowds showed up thinking they were Xbox 360s. Another in Seattle nearly rioted cuz they advertised the 360 cheap and $388 Toshiba laptops and no one read the ‘one per store’ notice. Had to call in the cops!
Now I know it’s not just the people here who can’t read…

Windows ME was ok until XP. That’s good news for the XBOX because those things are beign built TOO FAST. I still have not finished the first HALO.

Funny thing for the USA, after thanksgiving shopping; they were running over each other’s like animals just for a cheap laptop. So I they all went nuts for the XBOX 360 and ran over each others, I hope they said “I looked like an idiot on TV, this XBOX sucks, it was not worth it”.