X.org Rocks

Proper transparency support… although i need more ram in my laptop still pretty cool. It’s also alot faster than xfree86


hackingthemainframe.com/coppermi … e=fullsize

Wow looks great!

Its a little bit buggy still but hey what do you expect for cvs. The features are memory hogs that was without the dropshadows I will take more later it was quite a pain in the ass to get going and it took 2 hours to compile but it was worth it.

What’s the difference between people who qualify as a “Fucker”, versus though whom are a “fucker”?

Meaning my msn groups? absolutly nothing… my girlfriend changed the group names then gaim had some weird bug a few versions ago and my groups got all weird.

i’m under the *fuckers List to *

I should be in the perfect list …


Ill have to edit those and make you a special fag group :wink:

jesus was a jew.


I think many North Americans are already aware of that. But thanks for trying.

I have a “fuckers” group on my gaim list too. Just people I wanna leave blocked, or in case I want to harass them about their gender, religion, race, or sexual preferences.

The composite extension is pretty slow. Looks nice if you’re into that sorta thing though.