X-mas Prezy's

What did every one get for x-mas ? Any one gt any thing cool and neat to share ?


Couple things, the F-250 repair manual got me pretty stoked :smile:

nunchucks, the bullet fragments taken from jfk’s dashboard & a dozen human souls

Nothing too exciting, a 17" LCD monitor…it is much nicer than my huge CRT. :smiley:

37 inch lcd Tv, and a new dualcore computer, a Lg chocolate cell phone and new headphone with mike for computer games

Pool table, er chocolate  and a new chef knife  :smiley:  nothing too exciting.

I was going ot trade in my moto razor phone for a chocolate, but instead im going to a Treo phone.

For x-mas i got A Nikon D40 SLR with 2 1GIG chip’s.


We’ll being as im not out on my own… Got stuff that i could use down the road… Brother got me a huge crock pot, Parents got me a magic bullet and a humidifiter (So dry in alberta) umm the usual clothes exc… Some canucks gear… was a decent x-mas, then i made a really good turkey lol

19" LG Flatron widescreen monitor, lots of clothes, Motomaster Eliminator Powerbox 600, Chappelle DVD’s.  Did pretty well.

Going to Vancouver for 3 days, and watching the Canucks get SLAUGHTERED by San Jose!


I got robbed for Christmas, again!

This morning, on the train back from Vienna. The perpetrator got my brand new Canon SD700IS and my iPod Nano 4GB.

I even dreampt that I got robbed during my snooze. No shit!

That totally sucks man.

Yeah man, Im gonna have to agree with Leaman here (/gasp), that totally sucks Dave.

Maybe you’ll dream the thief getting killed in a train accident or something and voila, your merchandise is returned.

As for Sharks Vs Nucks… Neg… Luongo is going to slay the sharks and the sedins will murder nabokov

Brother got me a huge crock pot, [/quote]

Best ribs ever:
-beef short ribs (I find them at Save On)
-fill crock pot with water to submerge ribs
-can of diced tomatoes (breaks down the beef)

I forget the exact time to cook, but 4/5 hours on high should be good. If you cook for too long, they turn to mush, too little, and they’re not tender enough.

then, take 'em out, toss them in a baking pan, coat liberally in BBQ sauce, and bake for 30 or 40 mins at about 300*F.

Crock pot spaghetti sauce and chilli is totally awesome delicious too.

Seeing Geoff’s crock pot in his room led me to buy mine.  Shit, I ate well after buying that.  Chili, potatoes, soup, etc. etc. etc.  Way better than a sandwich every night.

Geoff I remember going to Morden and finding your room one night… 15th? What happened to you after that?

HAve to admit my Mini looks so much cooler attached to a real Apple keyboard.

Boxing day was better than Christmas! :laughing: