X-Box Stuff For Sale

A friend of mine has some X-Box stuff to sell, as he doesn’t have an XBox anymore. This is what he has…

Ghost Recon
Enter the Matrix
Splinter Cell (Stealth Action Redefined)<---- the first one
Medal Of Honor Frontline
Project Gotham Racing
Midnight Club 2
1 Controller
a DVD Remote

If you are interested in any of the stuff, leave a msg here or PM me.

Does this look like ebay ? When did HTMF become Smartass’s personal pawn shop…

HAHAH I new this day would come back and get ya : O )

  1. It’s not my stuff.
  2. The guy wants money for it quick
  3. STFU plz drive thru

Does jleaman ever have anything nice to say?

[quote=“smartass”]1) It’s not my stuff.
2) The guy wants money for it quick
3) STFU plz drive thru[/quote]

I’m Just bugging ya, you did it to me and i did it back to be a goof. !

Does jleaman ever know how to spell?

Not in the 2+ years I’ve been here.

What happened to the x-box? Is it broken and for sale?

Actually… I think he still has the XBox, he just doesn’t play these games or use the extra stuff so he wants to get rid of them.




Yes, at first that’s what I thought, but he still has it.