X box kinect?

Thinking abuot getting a x box 360 …seen it in Wally for 199…then the deluxe with the kinect is 399…
can someone explain this to me?

The Kinect is their big XBox Christmas release. It’s an add-on device to the XBox 360. Think Nintendo Wii, but without having to use a controller. The Kinect scans the area in front of the tv, and you play the game by moving your body. It can tell one person from another, it has voice recognition, and lots of other bells and whistles.

It’s retailing for $150.00 or in the bundle with a new 360.

Kinect is pretty sweet, just bought one on thursday. The deluxe xbox has wifi already, the regular xbox 360 you have to pay $80 for the wifi attachment.

My son borrowed his friend’s Kinect for the evening. It’s a lot of fun if you like your games physical. The only drawback he mentioned is that you need a fair amount of space to really get into some of the games-it would have been easier to calibrate and move with some of the games if he could have moved our couch but being a heavy sectional unit against a wall, he just did the best he could. It seems to be a lot more involved than our Wii, my son was demoing boxing,bowling and a bunch more sports and all he needed was some handwaves to change settings or games. Cool!

So …would ya get a 360 kinect or a PS3?
Does the 360 play blue ray?

Ps3, xbox has no blu-ray, and u have to pay for xbox live, ps3 is free to play online, plus ps3 has there own version of kinect for the same price,$399.

so you have to pay for x box live? You cant just go on line and play with other people for free? wtf?
jeez i could even go on line with my wii and play mario with other people…heheh…

Well to be fair, the PS3 has their own version of the Wii controller and it sucks. It was clearly rushed to market. You do have to pay for Live, but it’s only a matter of time before Sony starts charging for thier service too. Right now it’s a convenient selling point for them to say thier service is free, but it won’t last. None of the other console companies offer a product like the Kinect, that being controllerless gaming. I haven’t used one yet so I can’t say if controllerless makes it more fun or not.

ok let get this out there i got the xbox360 with the kinect and my girlfriend has a ps3 with the move, i have played both first hand so i know what im talking about the ps3 move is its good with first person shooters such as navy seals or call of duty where it sucks at is prince of Persia and god of war games like games. for the kinect its well be good with combat base games such as UFC and there kinect sports but the game world is not ready for this style of gaming yet and the tech hasn’t worked out all the bugs yet since it is first gen never seen before in the gaming world so wait for the 3rd gen to come out if your thinking of this kind of style of gaming unlike for the move the wii made all the mistakes now sony has corrected them with there version of motion controls theres alot of info and im sleepy so pm me if you want to more info in detail

i have all three systems

wii - great for kids and family night for gaming
ps3 move - same but enhanced with camera
360 havent tried kinect yet but that system sits in the corner most of the time anyway

use the ps3 85% of the time for all the options it has i store all my movies on an external hardrive and pop in the ps3 and movie time same with music free online playing etc isa great bonus too