In the real OLD days, we did this programming thing called interrupt programming. You could check collision bits, keyboard, joystick & mouse states on a puny 1 MHz C64 or check a whole bunch all the time on a 10 MHz Amiga.
What happened? 20 years down the road it seems “IGNORE ALL INPUT DEVICE STATES” is the only thing they use it for.
If you have one, put in a bad floppy and I bet Windows7 still locks up for half an hour.
Your DVD locks up and it won’t do shit until IT decides it’s failed and returns control to the user.
Try to watch your cable/sat tv and the digital channels fuck up constantly.
Click that off button, the skip, hit CTL-ALT-DEL all you want. Fuck you, I’m the digital gizmo, you just WAIT YOUR TURN fool who bought me.
From the cold, inhuman sound of CD to the mushy-fudge of MP3. The DVD player that doesn’t matter if you paid $20 at WalMart or $200 you rely on a medium worth pennies and a player worth $1.50. To the $60,000 digital copy center that’s going to cycle through 15-20 minutes of self tests before it asks DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SHUT DOWN ?YES-NO SHUTTING DOWN WILL LOSE CURRENT JOB? ARE YOU SURE-GO BACK. WELL ALRIGHT THEN. PRESS TO SHUT DOWN.
And the “Report Error To Microsoft on the off chance they’ll address it two or three OS’s later.”

BAh I want to go back to VHS, vinyl and a typewriter.

Yeah…but…I’m betting your Linux mail server is relatively bullet-proof.  :smiley:

No… it’s completely useless!!!
Whenever a user decides to make up a username or change their password all on their own out of thin air, it doesn’t work.
And if a recipient address is wrong, it doesn’t even find the correct one for you.
And it won’t let you send a 12GB attachment to a list of 16 people, everyone else’s will…

Cant send a 12GB attachment? Clearly your mail server is a pussy. I think you might need a mac.  :smiley: