Alright, so I’ve finally given in, and it’s time for me to start playing WoW.

I’m wondering if anyone in the Rupe has a copy that they don’t use that they would be interested in selling at a reduced price, or if anyone knows if any of the stores in town have it in stock.

I’m not interested in buying someone’s level 60 ass-kicker, I just want a copy of the game to start playing.

data boy sells the subscription cards, dunno if they sell the game, id assume so though.

what is WoW?

I’ll sell, but for slightly more than retail on account of the account comes with a 45 Paladin.

If I can’t get my life back I at least want my money back…

If you don’t know yet, you won’t ever know.

I totally just bought the last copy at Databoy though.

World of Warcraft

I was reading the other day about a mod you can install that make all of the characters in WoW nude… They had some screenshots and I totally laughed at the sight of some of them…lol

I played WoW in early beta thanks to a buddy who worked on the game. Pretty decent but no real earth shattering changes from all of the other MMOG’s.