Writely.com, Google Word Processor

I just discovered this; Google has created an on-line word processor that has similar features to word.
I just registered with it and gave it a try.  I think web-centric applications like this are the way to go.  I tried it on my linux box and it doesn’t hog a lot of system resources.
What do you think?


Larger screenshot below:


I’ve been using it for almost a year now, as part of their beta.  It’s getting much better (no spell check and stuff at first).

I like it because I’m likely to use 5 or 6 different computers in one day, and this is a great way to always have your documents available.  I also use a private wiki to store a lot of my text data, and a private webdav server for files.  I can’t get stuck on one computer this way. 

Writely has replaced Word for me, in day-to-day work.  Google Calendar has replaced iCal.  Gmail has (almost) become my main e-mail system too.  I’m hoping they improve Google Spreadsheet a bit so I can dump Excel soon.

This is very cool indeed, MiG:-)  I’m going to use this; like you I use a number of computers in a day so this will remove formatting problems for me.  I like the fact that you can upload files, save to your desktop.  Interesting:-)

Interesting, Safari isn’t supported yet, but it does look good

Thanks, good to know. :smiley:
Are you using Fire Fox or IE on your Mac?

hitest, you have to try this with a class (as well as google spreadsheet).

The real power is in group collaboration.  A bunch of people can be editing the same document at the same time.  It’s neat.

IE on a Mac?  That’s so wrong!!  I use firefox.

Have you tried camino lately?  It does sub-pixel rendering better than Firefox, in my opinion. 

Cool.  That is neat; I’ll give that a try, MiG! :smiley:

Yes.  Agreed.  IE on a Mac is indeed wrong. :smiley:  I run Fire Fox and Safari on my Mac.

Thanks, for the suggestion, MiG, regarding Camino.  I haven’t tried that browser; I’ll give it a try.:smiley:

I am presently trying Writely to see if I can use it with students ( my students will all have laptops by December) and was wondering about formatting options for printing.  I tried to print but  the Writely url was on the top right.  I’ve search around the site but couldn’t find how to remove this.

Yes, I think I will experiment with Writely as well! :smiley:  My students often have assignments that they need to work on at home and this would solve that issue.
I’m curious to see if the printing issue gets solved, BigThumb. :smiley: