Wrestling FACTS Thread!


When Shawn Michaels was attacked outside of a Syracuse nightclub by approximately 10 thugs (actually it was by a marine group), Shawn was accompanied by Davey Boy Smith and X-Pac. They beat up Shawn while the others held Davey Boy and X-Pac back.


WCW paid Ric Flair $75,000 to give back the WCW title after he had departed to the WWE in 1991. Also, Rick Flair wast he one who bought the belt and brought it to WCW.

Ah wrestling… the sope opera with guys pretending to beat eachother up.


That no one cares.

speak for yourself.

i find it kind of funny that a member who ‘contributes’ as much as you feels the need to slag on other peoples stuff. its not like threads cost money, get over yourself.

Get over yourself Mr Negative. You’re just saying that because I beat you to it.

That’s not wrestling.

Now back to wrestling…


That Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan are going to get there asses kicked by Muhammad Hassan (The next Champ).

I used to actually be a wrestling reporter back in grade 10. Ran my own .com wrestling website the works. However today I’m sad to say hi timez you’r making lot’s of pointless threads :frowning:

While we’re on the subject, wanna wrestle?

Quote from hoshq “while were on the subject, wanna wrestle”?
Physical or verbal judo? was this directed to smartass only or anyone in general?
Ivan, Personally I can’t watch this stuff much either, however what these guys do may be overly choreographed but they are all superb wrestlers and superb athletes, don’t doubt it for a moment, this is all done for the money in the name of entertainment, and even if you and I choose not to watch, thousands do.
But seriously Hi Timez have you ever watched the UFC, ultimate fighting stuff, if so what do think about this compared to the over dramatized style of the WWE? Much more realistic don’t you think?

im not a wrestling fan, but its pretty funny and entertainign to watch when i flip past it.

ufc is too intense for me. people getting their shit kicked out isnt my thing.

smartass is just a chump.

A lot of people that don’t know shit about wrestling like to judge it as well. They say it’s not real or that no one get’s hurt. But you honestly have no idea, wrestling can be really brutal at times. Some of the stunts they do in wrestling are far more extreme than the ultimate fighting.

well depends on how you describe ‘extreme’…

ufc the other person is intentionally smashing his fists into vulnerable parts of your body to make you more vulnerable and finally knock you unconcious or make the pain so unbearable you must stop.

wrestling… sure the guy might wear streamers on his muscles and swing on a rope swing to land on tacks or smash a table or something… but its all planned. its ‘extreme’ but its planned. getting your face smashed in is pretty spontaneous

total image of ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ :laughing:

Agree’s wth methad.

Like I said the WWE wrestlers are superb athletes and putting on a great show using ‘stunts’, and yes they can be very extreme no doubt, but The UFC is definately more “real”, as in submission fighting the combatants are actually trying thier all to defeat the opponent as opposed to just putting on an entertaining show for the audience. But any one of the wrestlers from the WWE could make the leap directly into reality submission fighting quite easily as they are all classically trained wrestlers, well conditioned and skilled in fighting, they are just playing a slightly different game in the WWE. Most of them I don’t think would make this change though as the risks of getting really hurt are far greater and the money is much less.
This thread reminds me of an old spanish proverb which says “It is not the same to talk of bulls as to be in the bull ring”.

WWE is good for a few laughs, but it’s a little over scripted. The hits are just… too fake. Some of the stunts are pretty incredible though, and the wrestlers themselves are terrific althletes without a doubt.

UFC is awesome. Did anyone follow The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV? The fight between Forrest and Stephen was incredible. Fiften minutes all out, awesome hits for both fighters. They were just exhausted at the end of it.

Anyone catch the UFC last Saturday? I thought Liddle vs. Corture was going to last longer, but Chuck landed that killer punch. Great K.O. All the Canada vs US fights were in Canada’s favor, which was nice to see. The first fight between the French-Canadian and that lankey American was saaaaad. The Canadian was BUILT and the American guy was… puny! Same weight, but the American had it in height. What a runt… glad to see Canada win.

I have a great move that will not make you tap out, it will make you pass out! This look familiar?


Chaos wrote:

Of course I know that wwe is all drama, why do you think I watch it. The need for this stuff is still alive in some people. Sure it has changed from old school. But don’t you think Torri is fucken HOT! :smiley:

Besides, i would rather watch wrestling with alot of sexy ladies other that watching blood hit the cameras with no ladies around at all.

Hail to CLB!

From Maxim… :open_mouth:

WWE diva Trish Stratus gave a very revealing interview to Maxim Magazine. In the May issue she talks about how she likes it between the sheets: “Usually I like it nice and calm and I enjoy being in control. When I’m really into it/enjoying the sex I can moan pretty loudly, I can also go pretty long.” Does she shave? “I’d have to say I have a bush quite often. I guess I’ll get around to shaving/trimming once or twice a month. When I’m busy it could get pretty hairy down there.” Her favorite body-part: “I would have to say my ass. I like my breasts too but I just love my ass , it has always been my favourite and most sexy body part. It’s a great size and it’s very smooth , probably from all the years of working out!” Does she like getting naked? “Actually I walk around my house naked a lot. Especially when I come out of the shower I won’t put on clothes for a long time. Also when I’m taking off my clothes to get into the shower or changing I’ll stay naked for a while. I like being naked and I like body, sometimes when I’m in the mood I’ll just randomly take my clothes off and watch TV or do the laundry naked.”

mma is great stuff. I have the forrest X bonnar fight on my desktop.