Would win98 run in nowadays fast CPUs?

Hi! I was just wandering… how would win98SE run in latest-tech machines (talk about dual core CPUs)? I mean will it run at all? I always liked win98SE rather than XP or Vista, but never tried it on anything faster than a P3 500mhz…
If it wouldnt work at all… then which would be the fastest hardware on which you could use Win98SE?

Thx in advance…

yes it will work . might be tough to find drivers for 98 for newer hardware mind you.

Windows 2000 > Windows 98SE

Agreed.  I’d go with Windows 2000 over 98SE if you have a choice.  Windows 2000 is supported by MS.  Is 98SE receiving updates anymore?

ya i like win98 too plays the old games, but if i was going old school and 98 would not run i think i would go with win me. never used 2000 is it better than win me?

Win ME is crap…it is a Win98 re-tread.  Yes, go with Win 2000, it is the precursor to XP.

It’s Win98SE with some drivers. 98 can’t even run USB worth shit. Just turn of System Restore.
I know lots of ppl who are so damned cheap they wouldn’t buy XP and run ME on ADM 2800s and AMD3000s.

If I am bored this weekend, I have a CF-IDE card with 98 on it. Maybe I’ll plug it into my new 4GB Athlon X2 6000 and time the boot-up.

New Foxconn mobo: up to 8 GB DDR2 - 4 onboad SATA - onboard ATI X1200 addressable with up to 1 GB RAM. Cheap, too!