Would Donald Trump fire George Bush?

Interesting interview from Wolf Blitzer on CNN on Friday.

Donald Trump trashes the presidencey of George W. Bush.


Rosie O’Donnell may have to change her mind about the Donald! :sunglasses:

I have new found respect for Trump.  Man!  Talk about straight talk!

I like the part where he says that after 9/11 , the US had a chance to be embraced by people all around the world in light of the tragedy but that the Bush administration blew it and that people hate americans more now than ever.
I had never heard that point of view and it makes a lot of sense to me.

I don’t particularly like Donald Trump, but, he nailed it on the head when he said the Bush administration blew it after 911.  Iraq has been thrown into chaos by the insurgent revolt.  Iran has become a major player and it regularly engages in saber rattling.  This has all happened because a neanderthal cowboy from Texas wanted to finish the job his daddy started.
It is sad when the most powerful person in the world is an idiot. :imp:

Not to slam Trump, but it isn’t a new sentiment at all.  He’s just repeating what a lot of people have said since September 12th, 2001.

Check this out:  google.com/search?q=%22we+ar … s%22  and you’ll see a lot of the same sentiment.  One of the links is this:

commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/mai … amani.html

[quote]“We are all Americans,” wrote Le Monde on September 12, 2001. And so it was with most people in the Muslim world, who were as appalled as anyone else at the carnage of the terrorist attacks on Washington and New York. Indeed, when America responded to the attacks, almost no one mourned the fall of the Taliban, who were universally condemned for their fanaticism.

This unanimity of opinion no longer exists. In the five years since the attacks, two audiences for the so-called “war on terror” have emerged. Indeed, as the “war” progressed, the audience closest to the action began to see the emerging combat in a way that was diametrically opposed to that of the United States and the west.[/quote]

How you go from “we are all americans” to “we all hate americans” is by making choices.  At every step of the way on the journey from solidarity to hate, Bush made the exact wrong choice.

Iraq was the last country he should have attacked, as it was probably the most anti-Taleban and anti-fundamentalist state in the Middle East.  If there was a government that despised fundamentalist Islam more than the USA on September 12th, it was Iraq. 

And so began the bizarro world of George Bush’s decision-making – whatever seemed like the right thing to do, do the exact opposite.  International relations and domestic government by Seinfeld episode.  If you trace the decision-making process from then until now, you’ll see that pattern – it’s almost comedic… almost.

Agreed.  His decision making skills are almost funny to watch.
If I didn’t know better it seems like he has deliberately gone out of his way to f**k things up on the World stage.  It is odd to observe a president who has no diplomatic or political skills.
I’ll concede that Bush has one political skill.  He’s very good at a job interview.  That is, he was able to artfully bullshit the American people into believing that he could make a difference…TWICE!  He had great handlers methinks:-)
Bush is probably the best advertising that money can buy for the Democratic party.  I just hope the Dems don’t screw up their election strategy in 08 (they’re bloody good at that).

Daddy should have explained that you don’t “finish” wars in far-away countries where the people hate you. You just kick the shit out of them and get out, if they don’t rehab themselves, you go back and pound them again and again until it sinks in.
That might be a 50 year operation for slow learners, witness the Palestinians…

George “Costanza” Bush. Does this mean we are coming up to the “Summer of George”?