Work in Terrace?

The kids are intent on moving to Terrace, but don’t have any jobs lined up first. Both work at Wendys in PG, he’s an asst manager, and has experience (and references) on road paving crews.
We’re worried as hell. The people we know there are unemployed, but then again they’re the type that would be unemployed in Calgary even (all the ambition of a turtle). The kids aren’t like that, they just grew up there and are tired of PG.

Do they stand a chance of finding work? Any opinions or suggestions? Do they even have a Wendys there yet?

I to was thinking of leaving rupert for terrace, edmonton looks like, way better jobs there i may go there work in the mall!

yeah i wouldn’t mind terrace either but if its lookin bleek then damn.  looks like i’m stuck in rupert forever.

hmm old thread. anyway when I moved to terrace there were dozens of jobs available, all restaurants/stores for minimum wage. but it sure beat sitting around rupert doin nothing, only place that would hire me here is the seasonal fish plants :neutral_face: