Words the dictionary needs!

In the Mercer post, I created a word from two other words. The word was “foundlessness.” It combines “unfounded” and “groundless” and means the subject has a foundless quality, usually referring to it as an amount, as in “there is a lot of foundlessness to their arguments.”

Another poster, Illywhacker, came up with a derivative, “unfoundacity,” which represents the tenacity of the unfoundedness of the arguments presented.

Anyone else got any new words? Perhaps we can start our own dictionary!

What was that word for bringing up old topics?

Viagran? :smiley:

Check out www.urbandictionary.com



Too many people misuse the words we already have and you want to add new ones?

The so-called proper english and its words are simply a means of oppressing people, my friend. If so many people misuse the words we already have, then maybe it’s time for a vocabulution! 

Or maybe it’s a hint that the general population is stupid. Just maybe.

Generally, as a mass, people are stupid. That’s why they’ll watch crappy movies and gush over talentless “stars,” and go to Billy Graham events. But english skills shouldn’t be a test of it because it is a horribly inconsistent language in serious need of an overhaul - but what we do with all of our literature?! :neutral_face:

Mercerboarded. Ther torture of an ongoing saga! :smiley:

Oh God. I’m going to use this one!

blabbersation      not original with me but i think it describes a lot of the chatter on this forum.

kill this one if you think it is too crude or slanderous