Women in Science and Tech

Hey all,

I know of a regional group in Terrace that is organizing an event in Prince Rupert that encourages young women to choose careers in science and technology.

This event is to be a panel discussion between women currently invovled in science & tech sectors (positive role models) and highschool girls.

They have a few possible names for women working in the natural science sectors (marine and forestry research type thing) - but they haven’t a single name of a woman working in the IT field - with high technology.

Any ideas? I figured that if there is a woman in IT in Prince Rupert - that she is very likely posting here…maybe I am off base…

The group in Terrace is called Northwest Science and Innovation Society (www.nsis.ca).

I know one woman - but she’s in PG and is on maternity leave, so that probably doesn’t help you, hey?  :wink:

I was just hoping that I was wrong that there are no women in the IT field - in the Northwest.

Still hoping I am wrong.

My sister got her degree in Biochem. She spent two years in Agricultural research studying the need for selenium in cattle feed.
She also met a really handsome christian guy in the field.
And proceeded to tell my Dad at a family re-union she no longer believed in evolution and that the Earth was only 6,000 years old cuz the Bible sez so.
Lucky that being Canadians, there were no loaded 45 pistols in the dining room. You could see clouds of black steam pouring from Dad’s ears as he remembered what her tuition cost…

Oh my…my sides are hurting.  Absolutely classic, man! :sunglasses: