This picture was taken near the Kloya Bay road entrance.  I haven’t seen Northwest wolves from that close so I couldn’t decide if this was a dog or a wolf.  It sure looks like a dog to me but I wanted someone with more experience to confirm this.

I would say (but I’m not expert) that it is half dog, half wolf, and most likely domesticated.  (there’s an indentation where there is probably a collar) Whatever it is, it’s pretty cute!

maybe they were shooting the littlest hobo nearby

My vote is for dog as well.  Especially since it’s wearing a collar.  Siberian or other kind of Husky with something else mixed in?

The kind of wolf that would have that colouring would also have a bushier tail, and the ears would be different, as would the face.  The colour is right on for wolves in the colder climates, though, and looking through Astro’s site, there are wolves around here that look similar, but only in the winter.

The wolves I’ve seen around don’t look like that, either.  They don’t have those kinds of ears, and they are taller and don’t have a slanted back.  

I’m waiting for Astro’s take…

Siberian Husky would also be my guess-there can be a lot of variation within breeds and this canine is most definitely wearing a collar.

I feel stupid! I never noticed the collar :blush:

I didn’t notice the collar either until POP pointed it out to me in her post.  You have sharp eyes, Princess!  :sunglasses:

And the shape of the legs is all wrong.  Wolves almost look unsteady on their long skinny legs while most dogs do not (unless they are part dog).  Also, if you can hear any vocalizations, wolves don’t bark.  But that’s not always obvious since it’s not easy to make a dog/wolf make noise for you to tell that. :wink:

In the photos below, Aspen is the white one and is 75% grey wolf and 25% husky.  She can ‘bark’…  whereas Tuk, the black one - is 100% grey wolf.  They look similar, but not (isn’t that super scientific wording lol).