Wolf story Daily News July 25,2007

The Daily News did an article on my g/f and I on the wolf’s here in rupert it was on the front page if you missed it here it is.

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You promoting awareness about wolves or yourself?

Every cause needs a face.  Astro and his better half have been studying the wolves long enough to be considered experts for the Kaien Island pack(s).  Who else in town can claim that?  The paper choose which photo they would put with the article not Astro.
I think there’s a need to promote awareness instead of fear-monging and those two are doing what they can.  I would certainly trust their advice if I was a citizen or a councillor. 

First and foremost, we wanted to inform people that when walking your dogs were wolves have been known to frequent, you and only you are responsible for your actions, a wolf like any other wild animal will act on instinct, and do what it needs to do to survive.  If you want to take your dog for a walk you do so at your own risk and can not blame anyone or any wild animal that you may have a conflict with, as you put yourself into that situation. 
As for promoting; we are promoting awareness and would like to do more of it, in the schools for example or with anyone who is interested in hearing our stories.  There is a lot of misinformation regarding wolves and there habitat.
Thanks BigThumb you are right we did not choose the photos that the Daily News went with and when I talked to the reporter I asked that he not use photos from the wolf sanctuary we were at this past spring; as they do not represent our wolves we have documented and photographed over the last few years. 
Again thanks for you interest in this and we look forward to hearing  your encounters with these animals that you may have had.

Hypothetically speaking, what do you suppose a wolf would do if a child happens to come across a carcass, the wolf’s kill, while playing in one of the towns many wooded areas?  Im interested in your reasons why or why not we should allow our children to play in the small forested areas in our community.

First and foremost, we wanted to inform people that when walking your dogs were wolves have been known to frequent, you and only you are responsible for your actions[/quote]

While I support your efforts, I have to take issue with this part of what you are saying. Most people will have no idea of the areas around town where the wolves are and when. Now you may claim that people should educate themselves but seriously… most people just have no clue that they even need a clue. Maybe your efforts will help that, but the reality is that it probably won’t and sooner or later we’ll end up with an incident that will lead to removal of some of these wolves.

ahh yes ignorance is bliss, if i dont know then, I can blame others for not knowing…hmmm ok

what the hell are you letting your child play in the forest for, j/k i played in the forest all the time and never as a child say a wolf I ran into bears all the time but never a wolf.
and lets not get into this Hypothetical  stories, and what ifs. Use your common sense. I’m sure you are more worried about the freaks who pray on children then a enounter with a wolf, look at all the communities that are like us surrounded by millions of miles of forests, and not one child has been hurt, and if that day comes the wolf will be delt with, in most cases were wolves have attacked its becouse people were feeding them and they have become fearless of humans due to habituation.

Well honestly Astro… this issue is important to you because it’s something you’re doing. Are you honestly telling me that as a human being we should be educated on EVERY issue that surrounds us? That sounds nice and all but is it honestly reasonable? You have a child. have you taken the time to educate yourself on every issue that could endanger your child? As parents we try, but that would be a pretty tall order and we would hardly be to blame for not knowing everything about everything.

I commend you for what you are doing, but I still take issue with you saying that anyone who walks their dog are to blame for what happens in a wolf encounter because they should know the traveling habits of the local wolf population. (My words, not yours but that’s basically what you’re saying."

You mentioned previously that a wolf will act on instinct and do what is necessary to survive.  With that in mind, I ask you again because you didn’t answer my question directly the first time. 

You mentioned common sense.  My common sense is starting to tell me that you are blinded by your admiration for these animals.  Nothing wrong with that.  I commend you for your efforts.  You are, however, the resident expert so I am asking for you expert opinion on my above question.

Thank You

Let me answer your question with another question  :wink:
Would you let your child walk in traffic without educating them of the risks and ways to mitigate those risks?  Obviously if your child is going to be playing in wooded areas they and likely you need to be taught the risks and what to do in case of running into an animal carcass. 

Astro has got to get real so to speak. I have been using the trails in the city for over thirty years, I will not remain scared to walk my dog in these trails. If I am attacked or even approached again  the wolves are the ones who are going to be sorry, I dont intend to be intimidated by an animal in what i consider property I have a right to inhabit. It happens again your going to be seeing wolf carcasses instead of live ones, I will not be bullied or intimidated by a wild animal inside the city i live in. I like them too, but they are a serious problem at this point, they are everywhere. The garbage you said about "if we walk where the wolves are we are responsible for our own actions? WTF is that supposed to mean? We are walking inside the city for fuck sakes, you need to think about that a little more. We are not pushing into the wolves domain, they are pushing into ours.
    From what you say we should stay out of their trails, they belong to them now? If we go in them and we are attacked, its our own fault? I have had to reconsider your intelligence, it appears to be non existent. Your ignorance is going to get all the wolves killed if that is your solution, as a matter of fact I am going make sure conservation is well aware the bullshit you are spreading as how we should deal with this issue, that we should stay at home , if we come across a wolf its our own fault, if we are attacked it serves us right. You sir, are not even close to an “expert”, you are an amateur animal lover who wants a little more respect and authority than you deserve. Dont you ever threaten me like that again, you have no authority or business telling me or anyone else what and where we go with our dogs in this city, or that it serves us right if your wild friends maul one of us. That happens to even one person and I predict some decent citizen will shoot the whole works of them, if the conservation officers dont do it first. We have the right to the cities property, and to enjoy it without fear.
    Here astro listen to this, I have an analogy for you. Lets say I am known for having a really bad temper and beating the shit outta people when I am flipping out, in the same way wolves are known to be carnivors. Lets say I have decided to stroll outside of your house, you are very likely to run into me because I am lurking close to your house. By your type of thinking if you venture out into the street and I decide to assault you just because you are there, well that is all your own fault for venturing out to where you know I am walking, it serves you right for going where I am, even though I am right near your house.
    Does that sound like logical thinking to you? Well I find your comments on how I should behave reguarding the wolves to be just as rediculas. If we were outside of the city limits I would agreer with you, we are on their land and would act as such, but this situation in the city is nothing like that. You need to think a little more with everyone else’s opinions now and revise your retarded comments before I, and I would suspect many others lose all form of respect for your intelligence in reguards to wolves. One large can of liquid draino, a hypodermic needle and two packages of hot dogs and they will be all gone. It isnt the citizens that need to stay out of their way as you claim, it is very much the other way around. I suggest you revise your plan of what needs to be done before someone else does it for you. Do you like being threatened? Neither did I.

I have had to reconsider your intelligence, it appears to be non existent. [/quote]

Hey now… no need to make it personal. I can’t find where he threatens you in this thread Chris considering it’s your first post, so I’m not really sure where this angry tone comes from.

Not even close to the same thing.  There are some that are defending the wolves and how they fit into our community.  I’d just like to hear Astro, the Mayor or a Conservation Officer even once admit that there is the potential for tragedy and recommend some action on it.  Up until now they’ve been blowing smoke up our asses.  The potential is there and it’s real.

Still waiting for Astro to answer my question…

Obviously theres a potential for a tragedy.  What would you suggest be done? shoot the wolves? while we are at it shoot the bears too.

If you dont like the territory move out.

Sorry mike, let me explain. It is his implication that whatever happens to me walking in the trails “it serves me right”, that was his point is isnt it? he is saying, and i will quote him…“If you want to take your dog for a walk you do so at your own risk and can not blame anyone or any wild animal that you may have a conflict with, as you put yourself into that situation.” I take that as a threat, and it is said as if he has some form of authority to make that claim, which he doesnt. Personally I found the comment somewhat arrogant and spoken as if from a position of authority, and that there is nothing left to say since he has told us how it is. The comment is poorly thought out bullshit dripping with authorative intonation, bullshit I say to that. I wouldnt have felt the need to say all that if I didnt feel like he was sort of “rubbing it in our faces” so to speak, this "I am the expert, and I have spoken, end of subject. if you get hurt, it serves you right, you have been warned. ohya, and I am the self appointed expert in this town ".

Chris this is for you… we pushing into there domain go out to Ridley and look at all the contraction being done, the wolves were mostly seen out there for years rarely coming into town. With the habitat slowly being eaten away and replaced with buildings and land clearings were do you think they will go? The wolves have been forced into town Chris whether you agree or disagree.
And how you going to kill a wolf Chris you going to shot them in town limits you going to use poison and put your own household cats and dogs at risk.


Jesus is write and what I was getting at its not me who has to educate your child, about wolves it is you, the parents that does that, what I would suggest may not be what you would do. And sorry guys I have said in previous letters and post on my site that a problem wolf should be dealt with if it becomes habituation to humans.

Too everyone else.

All our site is all about our encounters with the wolves nothing more nothing less and about education, these animals have been given a bad rap for hundred of years, mostly from European children stories. There are no wolves in most parts of Europe this spread to the America’s were the wolves have been mostly slaughtered to extinction.

Now you can attack me or my g/f all you want I don’t answer to you do I?
If you want to help and ask a question go for it, but don’t ask me to fix the problem that we had nothing to do with.

oh Chris you ride a bike on the road you go for awalk you go for car ride your putting your self at risk right! what you going to do when someone is on the wrong side of the road or swirving you going to shot them too, or call the police… same as with a wild animal dude, you let the police deal with it…

Some misunderstandings must have happened when people here read Astro’s reply:

First and foremost, we wanted to inform people that when walking your dogs were wolves have been known to frequent, you and only you are responsible for your actions, a wolf like any other wild animal will act on instinct, and do what it needs to do to survive.  [/quote]

Sounds like Astro is telling citizens where the wolves are likely to be in order to make them “aware”.  By doing this, he helps prevents some possibly dangerous situations.

And I might add that if you let your little ones play alone in a forested area, you put them at risk too.

It’s obvious that Astro’s interest is to keep the wolves alive and well but that’s doesn’t prevent him from wanting to help avoid unsafe situations.  If he tells you that wolves are frequently seen in a certain trail, then you must use more caution the next time you use that trail.  If you have a dog, maybe don’t let them loose.  I don’t understand the fuss you guys make around this.

Last year I was out walking and jogging one afternoon.  Right next the native preschool on PRB I saw a wolf sitting hiding in some thick tall grass.  It looked like it was waiting in ambush for some prey (? small animals or perhaps children) to come by.

I phoned the provincial wildlife number and was basically told to shut up and stop bugging them.  At this point I got pretty pissed off, some wuss on the phone probably sipping on a latte in Kitsilano who has no idea about what things are like up here.  I asked him if he had kids and what he would do if there was a wolf next to a preschool in his neighbourhood.  Didn’t seem to get through to the idiot.

Anyway I think wolves are beautiful and admirable animals.  Nevertheless they have no place in a city.  If the wolves in town are too smart to be trapped and relocated, we should blow them away.