Wolf kill Kloya Bay

Out at Kloya Bay 20 K outside of Prince Rupert, a very beautiful spot for camper, fishing and hiking we came across a ugly site. Someone had killed 3 wolves, skinned them and left there skins and carcuss to rot at a campsite. What was there purpose to kill these majistic animals was it for fun, sport or something more evil, hunters have sold bear parts to the asian market could we witness the same thing here with wolf parts being sold to the asian gray market, I cant say but here is the proof.



Not sure that there is a market in Asia or anywhere else for “wolf parts”? Pretty sure the hides are the only thing of value. Also in the Skeena region and most of B.C. there is no closed season for wolf, and any hunter is allowed to shoot 3 per year, as long as this is done legally. Disposing of the carcasses in this manner is definately neither legal nor ethical. Did you report this find to the Conservation office in Terrace? If not, perhaps you should consider this?

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Hi guys I phoned and sent the photos to the Conservation office in Terrace Im glad to say they were not wolves but were Deer remains and moose hides that were left there. They would like to Prosecute the people for littering as dumping animals remains like that is classified as littering.

So, Astro, you are literally the boy who cried wolf. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not a very cool guy, to report something that, especially when you didnt even know what it was.


You’re not a very cool guy, to report something that, especially when you didnt even know what it was.[/quote]

Piss off…its still wrong to leave any type of animal carcus in a public place like a campground.

Yeah, I really am curious why you’d report something like that?

OHhhH for fucks sakes man becouse to not say anything would be wrong goddamn it… it sickens me that someone would throw out the remains at a campground…and why not here I think there are people who would want to know that animal carsusses whether it be a wolf or a god damn deer dog or moose hide were sitting and rotting at there favorite spot they bring there kids too…

Now is that ok with you :smiling_imp:

Get off the guys back. He did the right thing. He saw some carcasses and reported it to the correct authorites just in case they would be interested in it. It’s no different than seeing some strange lights at a neighbors house when you know they left on vacation and reporting it “just in case”.

Conservation can’t be everywhere, and I know from experience that they appreciate it when people bring things to thier attention.



You’re not a very cool guy, to report something that, especially when you didnt even know what it was.
Piss off…its still wrong to leave any type of animal carcus in a public place like a campground.[/quote]

Kloya Bay isnt a public anything, you’re mistaken if you think its a campsite. Aside from the fact that there is almost no way the people who did this would be cought, and you were just calling to be a little biatch and stir up trouble.

That was my edit. Northern Lights or whoever went on a spamming spree.

cought caught
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You don’t really believe all of this do you Dylan? I mean, your sense of values isn’t so low that you think Astrothug was the one in the wrong here do you? If so, that is a really sad statement about who you are and not who Astrothug is.

Astrothug, good for you.

Absolutely Astrothug, you did the right thing, The C/O’s resources are spread so thin, they appreciate and rely on honest and ethical people to help them by sharing what they see going on out there. I spend more time out in the bush than most and often do the same thing, after all it is a resource shared and owned by all of us and should not be taken for granted. And stupid shit like that ruins it for all of us, whether you realize it or not. Regardless if the animals were hunted legally or not, the carcasses should have been disposed of properly.

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Astrothug may have done the right thing by notifying the CO’s of an apparent wolf attack but there is clearly assumptions made that this was the wrongful act of a person.

It now seems that they were not in fact wolves at all.

I’m just wondering what evidence there is that these were in fact carcasses that were left by someone. There are alot of deer around as well as an over adundance of hungry wolves. Who is to say that these are not the remains of a wolf feeding?? Surprising that there are not more sites like this discovered in our area.

Anyways I think that Astrothug did the right thing by calling the CO’s and let them determine if this was an unlawful act or not. His post on here though may have been an over reaction.

If Astro had simply reported it, that would be fine, but the assumptions he makes about people killing them for fun, selling them to Asia, etc. are ridiculous and a huge overreaction. He should have found out first before going off on this irresponsible rant - irresponsible because someone may have read just that first post or heard about it from someone and, the next thing you know, there’s word of sadistic wolf-killers in Rupert!

Tsk. Tsk.