Wolf cull

Hello to the good people of Rupert, and the rest of B.C., as some you may know that Prince Rupert is thinking about a possible wolf cull on the island.  We believe that there are other alternatives to the possible killings of these coastal wolves.  We have set up a letter campaigns on our site.
We believe that if you are passionate about something, and put energy and thought into how to improve a situation, that you really can affect change. And, yes, sometimes it takes years.
We thank everyone who signed our petition. If you still have the ENERGY, we still need your HELP!
Write a letter or email to encourage the BC government to make the amendments about predator culls
you can also adapt and make changes to the letter and address it to our city mayor and councilors.

Again thanks from

Good luck with your fight Astro. It’s not everyday people actually do something instead of just bitching about it.

Thanks Mike  :smile:

I’m not sure that a wolf cull alone is the correct method in dealing with the problem of an over abundnace of wolves on the island but it may be a necessary component in dealing with the problem effectively.

If sources of food and attractants such as garbage and deer are removed or reduced this may encourage even more wolves to enter the community in search of something to eat such as trash, pets and the like.  My feeling is that there has to be comprehensive approach to the problem including removal of refuse, deer and wolves as well as looking at other long term solutions to ensure that Kaien Island is not as such an appealing place to live.

I applaud your efforts Astrothug and if there are are reasonable and effective methods in dealing with the problem other than a cull I’d be willing to support that.  The status quo is not an option that I’m willing to accept though.

I find it hard to believe that the city would clamp down so hard on domestic dogs all the while allowing wild animals, who have the potential to cause great harm, roam the streets of our community at will.

It is nice to see that someone is thinking about how to deal with the wolves in our community.  However, more and more of them our coming to our community.  Two weeks ago, my friend who lives on India lost her little Pom to one.  It is unfortunate, but they seem to have more of an appetite for household pets now, rather than the deer.  If we don’t soon figure out a solution to send them back up the mountains, the problem will just escalate out of control.  I am fearful the next victim may eventually be a small child.  Trapping does not seem to be a solution as they travel in packs - so what is???

Bullets are very effective.  Wolves may be interesting and intelligent creatures but we can’t overlook the fact that they’re predators.  They’re not necessarily dangerous and we can usually co-exist but right now they’re becoming a nuisance and potential hazard.  So cull away.  The money we’d spend finding an alternative way to deal with them is better spent in other ways. 

Thanks for keeping us up to date on this development, astro! :smile:  I’ll be curious to see how this pans out.

  If you read the local paper you would have read that a wolf cull is a temporally solution to the underlying issues at hand, more needs to be done not to draw wolves and other types of carnivores into town.  And if you do a search on the net you will see wolf culls alone do not cut the risk of injury or death to local domesticated animals or live stock. Listen to the local CO who have told the city of Prince Rupert too clean up the town. There is too much garbage and the dumping of animal carcasses near town; Plus the fact an over abundance of deer the staple diet of the wolves.
  A better solution would be to deal with those animals that have become habituated to humans, whether they are wolves, deer and or bears.  The CO has a good understanding which of these animals from the pack are causing the problems.

astro thanks for keeping us informed on the local wolf pack.

OK, here’s a very naive solution but tell me why it’s wrong!

Shoot the pack with tranquilizers.  Astro could help the CO locate them.  Hold them into a fenced area until you got all or most of them.  Ship them somewhere on the coast where there’s no human communities and where there appears to be no resident wolf packs (again, wolf specialists may know that.) 
Sound naive and stressful for the wolf but it beats killing them.  At least the have a fighting chance to keep on living.
And how much would that cost?  Well, the CO’ s salary is already factored in so, some of their overtime and the transportation costs.    I’m sure some people would volunteer to help as well.

It might not be that simple but at least it a start. 

It may be temporary but it’s effective, and it’s so gosh darn cheap you can just keep on repeating the process. 
Any wolf seen on Kaien Island should be considered human habituated and shot on site.  If you want to get rid of the deer, sure, but you’ll still have nice smells of cooking and food to lure them in.  Not to mention the garbage dump probably provides a nice attraction. 

I wonder how many homeless cats go missing. Seems to me a homeless cat would make a quicker and easier meal than a deer. I mean how many deer carcasses have been found around town?

I was also questioning why they didnt tranquilize them?! I think this would be a better solution…although I would not have a problem killing a wolf if it came near my dog…As awful as that sounds I cant help it.
The wolf problem is only getting worse…and I feel as if everyone is waiting for something REALLY bad to happen (except Astro…thanks for you efforts!!) like a child coming in the crossfire of a pack (which could happen!!)
Anyways, I really hope that this problem can be contained sometime soon…Its horrible that people are having to lose pets because there is not yet a solution.