Wisdom teeth

How many of you have had your wisdom teeth come in and held onto them? Mine have been fine until the past few weeks. The right one hurt for about a week, then it was fine, now the left one is hurting. Also, there is now a little flap of loose flesh over my right wisdom tooth, but there is no pain when I prod it with my tongue. I guess the teeth are protruding a little more, one at a time. Weird huh?

When mine came in they hurt like a mofo, these little fleshy things I always bit on. But I kept all 4 of mine with no problems.

I had three completely emerge. Although they hurt like a bitch when they were emerging, and were a touch crooked, I could have kept them. Once everything healed, they were completely normal. It was the forth and final tooth that was completely sideways and needed to be removed. Being there was a possibility that the in the future the other three might cause issues, we decided to remove them all at the same time.

Wisdom teeth are weird with their timing and can be a complete hassle. They are like little oral time bombs. Just go get them removed. It’s no big deal. If you have them removed at the hospital, it’s covered under BC Medical, but if the dentist does it in their office, I think its a few hundred dollars. Being free was a big motivator at the time, but I also didn’t like the idea of being conscious while they were being removed as you would be if the dentist does it in their office. If it’s done at the hospital, you are unconscious.

Caveat: Go to your dentist for accurate information. Duh.

My wisdom teeth have popped up and gone back down numerous times in the last 5 years or so, and they are such a pain in the ass. But, since my mouth is freakishly tiny, and there’s absolutely no room in there for even my front teeth, they always disappear back down again.

I will be getting them removed at the hospital with the other teeth that need to come out before I get braces though. 8 teeth are comin out at a time, I’ll be a freakin Jack-O-Lantern! Who knows when that will happen though, I’ve already been waiting 16 years to get them.

My dentist kept trying to convince me to get them out but since I’m a wimp, and they weren’t bothering me, I just told him to leave them alone until they became a problem. They never did. I even had one that had sort of fallen over inside the gum line and was told that if it started growing it would have to come out. It did grow, but because it was crowded in it uprighted itself and grew out straight.

I find now that they have been in a few years they are fine so long as I keep them clean and keep popcorn bits from getting stuck in the gum and causing an infection.

Most people just get them out though.

The popcorn bits or the wisdom teeth? I can never get those popcorn things out! :imp:

Yeah…damn wisdom teeth. Mine are coming in, and are pushing all my other teeth forward, and therefore making my teeth tighter…it’s not fun. Neither are those popcorn bits!!! Anyway, about 80% of people get their wisdom teeth pulled, some lucky bastards don’t even have them…grr.

Got the teeth, but still waiting for the wisdom part. lol
But seriously, you should seek professional advice.