Good sunny day all.  Someone that I know has a wireless to set up through Citywest.  What is the procedure to do all this.  I know when I was with Telus, I had to go to a certain website to enable my wireless.  Is Citywest the same?

You access the setup through the address of the wireless router using your browser. This should be in your documentation.

For most routers you would log-in using your web browser.  Try typing in the address:

Dlink is admin no passwd
AirLink, Linksys admin passwd admin

If you can’t log in, press the reset button on the back and hold it dow for 20 secs while you repower it. That sets them to factory.

Take a big hammer and SMASH that Telus P.O.S. and never think about those again even if you move back to their area. They are complete crap.

Thanks for the info guys.