Wireless router disconneting

So every time someone picks up the cordless phone, it knocks the wireless offline.


2.4 ghz cordless phone?

2.4 ghz wifi router?

I’m not sure, it only started when my friend came over and “fixed” it.

I guess I’ll just get him to change it back to what it was. It used to disconnect randomly, now it just disconnects when the phone is answered.

Do you have any suggestions that I can do myself?

I guess the point I was getting at was that they are both on the same frequency?

Check the cordless phone to see if it’s 2.4ghz before you do anything else.

Try changing the channel on the phone or the router, but you really need to not use 2.4ghz devices around wifi routers.  That’s why you’d get a 900mhz or 5.8ghz cordless phone instead.

Yeah both phones are 2.4 GHz.

Why the heck wouldn’t they just make the router on a different frequency though? Guess it’s a ploy to make you buy more products. Spend, spend, spend.

I’ve tried the channel changing on the phone, no deal. How do I do that on the router?

There’s your problem.

Because then it wouldn’t work with your computer, which expects your router to use the STANDARD 802.11 frequency. 

Just the opposite.  Or would you rather buy a different computer just to work with a non-standard router?

Much easier to have different frequencies on the phone, since the phone and base station are usually sold together.

Depends on the router.  Check the manual.  You usually connect to the admin interface with a web browser.

Okay. I’m not sure how to do that bit, but I know my friend does.

Thanks Mig.

You may not be able to solve it at all, since most phones use more than one channel or frequency at a time.  Does your phone say DSS or something like that?

Does your wireless card or router support any sort of “interference robustness” ?  Sometimes switching that on (or off!) might help.

I have no idea. I don’t recall either phone saying that.

I’ll get my friend to check the router.

It just started doing it last week, I’ve had the router for over a month. Almost two actually.

He didn’t take the filter off the phone line did he…?

No, it’s fixed now.

I’m curious:-)  What was done to fix your router, bubbasteve735? 

Yeah I had this problem before too. Both the router and phone were 2.4ghz (G-series router).

Just got a 5.2ghz phone and the net stopped cutting out (was cheaper than getting a new router, although I think I should have :neutral_face:)

Changed the channel of the router, he reset it and WHAM fixed. No more disconnections.
The phone doesn’t even go all fuzzy anymore.

I still can’t figure out why it decided to do it when it did, it was working fine for awhile. Technology is weird.

Agreed! :smile:

Maybe a neighbour set up a wireless router running on the same channel, thats my guess. glad its fixed, wireless mysteries are a friggin headache.

Could be, I know one of my neighbors was stealing my internet when my network was open.
Could be him.

makes sense. almost every place i’ve lived in had a neighbour with an open wifi.