Wireless Newb

We have a wii and laptop that are wireless ready.  Whats the cheapest way to setup our main computer so the other two can connect wireless to internet.

go to kaien printers down by sears and buy a wireless router not sure on the price, 100 dollers plus.  :smiley:

I am new to wireless also but we have a great connection from a D-Link Gold
on sale at Staples for $50.00 there are some on the future shop and best buy sites for far less than $100 as well…

Dlink, Airlink101, Planet.
Linksys too, but they’re only equal to the above.
The only crappy ones I’ve encountered are Belkin and NetGear. (poor signal strength).

Installed literally hundreds of them in every possible situation. You can save on a 54g, the 108s and Ns aren’t gonna help.