Wireless internet

Whats the cheapest way to set up a wireless connection in my house.

Use your neighbor’s.


I got my n router off MiG and I love it, I can send wireless all over the house. I send my Tv shows and Movies to my wireless D-Link media center in the bedroom, wife can sit at her desk and use the internet and download her music and podcast’s.  the baby can watch her Dora and little Einsteins in her bedroom. I can play my games On the arcade system all wireless.

I also have about 300 feet less of cat 5 cable running through the house.

and yes we have family time…lol :smiley:

my roommates just use a crappy D-Link router (DI524) with some Crappy D-Link Wireless antennas for the clients.

I use Direct Wire :smiley:

I use an Airport Extreme base station, but, in hindsight I think a linksys would do the job just as well.

Billy want to buy a router?

So why is it crappy?

bought every thing i needed last night

What kind of wireless router did you get, billy?  Just curious:-)

I hate the wireless router that I bought, It’s constantly disconnecting. I’ll wake up in the morning, and the damn thing has to be reset. Stupid thing.