Wireless @ home

I posted a photo of what happenned to our 2.4 antenna over Christmas, and another trip to the mountain to check out the packet loss on the 5.8 found that severe winds a couple weeks back had turned the sectoral antenna almost 120 degrees.

I was maxing out the last 10 days at about 3 Mbps, and 7% packet loss hitting the backside of the antenna. Been doing a lot of ‘refreshes’ lately!


FTP from server on the same backbone provider. Not too shabby.


I had to do IE… the Firefox download of Thuderbird 1.5 went so fast I didn’t have time to hit FN/PRTSC. Files from downloads.com
This is to show what level of service can be delivered by a technology that’s been derided a lot until the BIG players got interested. Nowadays you’d think Verizon invented it and did the R&D.
Going to dash in and grab the VoIP phone now the packet loss is addressed. Ping from here - mtn - office (over 20 miles total) under 2 ms.


Huh? Here’s the test from the office link:


Now that’s not to shabby at all.

What 5.8 gear do you use?

We’ve switched to only Tranzeo products. You could live on Dodge Is and get real broadband, plus VoIP… that would be excellent