Wireless help

Hi Folks,
I just bought a pda running windows mobile 2005. I can use internet explorer on it and surf the web when I’m connected to my PC with the USB cord but for the life of me I haven’t figured out how to actually use it with my own wireless network.

I can see my network and one of my neighbours but both are locked. How can I ad my pda to my PC or router or something so I can surf on the couch while my wife hogs the computer the rest of the time.

I’ve spent hours trying to figure it out and have decided to ask for help.

When I talked to Astrothug about it last week he mentioned I might have to do something with my belkin router to make it work but I didn’t know what he meant.

help me help me oh please help me…

System info Running a P4 with MCE and a belkin wireless G router bought in town.

It should ask for the WEP or WPA key when you try to connect, all you need to do is enter it.
You shouldn’t have to do anything to your router unless you went in there and locked it down to specific MACs.
If it’s an open signal and you can’t connect, get another router. Belkins are lame.

Belkins are better than linksys and dlink, however if it has older firmware it will suck the balls. Log into your router and update the firmware.

Did you setup security when you first setup this router ?

Ya photoguy do what herbie said you should be able to see your router, when you try to connect it should ask for a key, if that didn’t happen then you are Mac Addressing.

I have used and still have the D-link and a Belkin wireless router. What jleaman is saying is true, but if you are having trouble with setting up the router then updating the firmware might be hard…

I think he is a little confused, he is asking how to add his pda to his pc, when he should be logging into his router and adding it into there.  Im not sure what the ip is for your router, but you could use the manual and find the log in ip address along with the admin & password.

most are like this some are 1.1 some are 10.1 etc etc.

Thanks guys. I’ll dig out my Belkin manual tomorrow and spend some more time figuring it out.
I’ve entered my wep key when i set up the security i printed and kept the page with all the info that they tell you to do in the wizard. so i guess the next step is figuring thngs out from the Belkin side.

maybe you have mac address filtering on, log into the router and turn that off if its on.

Hey! You’re a guy. You don’t need no fokkin’ manual, man :smiley: everything’s simple in those things… or maybe 1.1, that’s about as hard as they get.

And don’t listen to Jason. Dlink & Linksys are GOLDEN.
From my standpoint, anyway. They fuck up exactly one month after the warranty runs out HAHA

LMAO, they all fuck up after their one month over their warranty.

I personally love the apple routers, they rock.