Windows Re-install

On another PC I had to re-install windows xp home version, well because of a “DUH” bad activation crack. But now we have a working (LEGAL) copy of xp home, it installed good; the problem is:

All files are still there (music, pics), ALSO all the programs are still there like the anti spyware stuff, anti-virus. Everything that was previously installed.
How do we re-activate all those installed programs, or do we have to put in all those programs again? HELP please!


It all depends on how you reinstalled windows… have you tried some of the programs that were previously installed?.. If that doesnt work then you’d have to re-install them. personlly though, you should backup any important files and do a full format. You’ll be much happier when your computer just zips along like it should be.

Thanks for the info. I shall let mois pal know the bad news…


download keyfinder.exe and write down the number case you need to do it again.
I never had a cracked XP Home. Never even thought of it…

Also like the LegitCtrl.dll trick too, but I bet XP gets really cheap in the next few months as they dump it.