Windows Media Plug-in for Firefox

Hello, I’m having abit of a problem installing this plug-in I need for Firefox so I can listen to the show online.  On the Team 1040…

When I click on “Listen Live” it says missing plug-in.  And I do install the (windows media player) plug-in for firefox…I still wont work for some reason, keeps telling me the missing plug-in…


Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

Thank you

Have you tried Port25 for possible solutions?

The one thing that comes immediately to mind … did you quit firefox when you did the install?
Just dl for my Mac and when I tried to stream got a “you don’t have the right plugin bla-bla” and another window pops up and asks if I want to try WinMedPlyr. Said yes and player starts buffering.

Hi Soggy…thanks for the reply.  Yes I did quit Firefox before I installed…you think it might be because it’s Firefox Beta?