Windows media player not working

i donwloaded some movies off of kazaa, all of the other ones worked except for the ones that ended in .wmv. whenever i try to open them it takes me to this site:

It says “In order to play this file, you need to upgrade your media player to a version compatible with Windows Media Rights Manager V7. Select View Compatible Players below to see a list of compatible media players.
If your current media player does not have a Windows Media Rights Manager V7 compatible version, you should select a different player with the Windows Media Rights Manager V7 identifier.”

Im not sure what im supposed to download, it gives you lots of choices. My computer has Windows 98 and Media Player Version

Any help would be appreciated greatly.[size=9][/size]

Go to:

and update everything. Keep updating. When you’re finished updating, go back to that site and update the updates to the updates. It might take 3 or 4 reboots and stuff, but eventually you’ll be up-to-date and you’ll have Windows Media Player 9.

Oooor you could just use another program that isn’t made by Microsoft, and that doesn’t track your usage of the program, along with what you are watching/playing.