Windows Installer?

I have Windows XP…Why is it that lately every time I go on to any website, Google or anything, I get this box that states it is Windows Installer, preparing to install.  I am preparing to toss this sucker out the window as I try to cancel it and it sits there and does nothing. What can I do?  Please, remember, I need the solution in words I will understand , not real computer saavy guys  :smiley:  Thank you  !!  BTW…What the hell is this thing anyway and where did it suddenly appear from?

And then it stops and says it can’t find a file?
It started installing something and got interrupted. Unless you remember what it was you were installing and do it again successfully, you’re fucked.

Thanks herbie for the help…It doesn’t say “can’t find a file”, it just says Windows Installer and then in that box, it says preparing to install but then it does nothing but eventually disappears until the next time…so I guess I am f----d…

OK…OK…I am a pest but I am getting so pissed off at the moment with this darned machine …A Windows Installer box shows up every time I want to go anywhere, here, there and everywhere.  All it says is preparing to install and then a cancel option on the bottom.  I hear a sort of clicking noise in the hard drive after a minute of it sitting there and then it disappears until the next time I want to log on to a website or even check emails.  It has not affected the running of any of these programs but is a pain in the ass.  What is it and how can I get rid of the darn box?  Please someone help me, please… :cry:  Mig, RU out there???Help :cry:

  Thank you so much Piknic but since I am horribly afraid that I will do something to this machine that will be irreversible, after reading the instructions for resolving this problem, I know that I am not qualified to attempt it.  I think the bottom line is a call to Databoy but thank you again…Appreciated the info just scared… :astonished:

From the link:
“Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Microsoft will not acknowledge that there is a serious flaw in their installer software.”

Microsoft. Need I say more? :stuck_out_tongue:

  Hey agentofkaos !!  If you are a bonified computer geek  :smiley:, can you tell me what has happened to my Word Program for XP. I used to have  Excel, Publisher etc., I believe they are a standard program included with your XP but mine has disappeared and then, of course, I have this annoying Windows Installer dialogue box that shows itself everytime I log on to anything.  It just says Windows Installer , preparing to install, and that is it. As I explained at annoying length in previous posts, it just sits there til I scream in total frustration. Can you tell me how I can get my Word shit back, I have gone to all the download sites but they are on a free trial basis only and then I have to hand over the big bucks, I assume  !! Is there a free download for it? I would appreciate any help but please bear in mind, I am NOT a geek, I wish I were  :confused:  Thank you!!

Sounds like the cry for winblows : some one got happy with the clicky clicky and now its BROKIE!!

sounds like the case of FORMAT!

Can’t help you out with the installer issue…sorry.
As far as Microsoft office goes, you’re probably SOL as far as getting Word, Excel,
etc. up and running again unless you have a legal or illegal copy.
One option is to go to and download a free version of open office.
Then you should be able to open your Word and Excel documents. Again, it’s free and Microsoft doesn’t like it because it’s pretty hard to compete with free.
Hope this helps

One more thing…to clarify.
XP doesn’t come with Word or Excel. Your computer may have come with a trial version installed…that has expired, by the sound of it. If you bought your computer and it said that it comes with Office, check the cd’s and/or dvd’s that came with it. Sounds like you’re far away from having to format anything yet…just your average, annoying glitch.

Hey Creepy!  Thanks for your help, unfortunately, I did not receive a cd/dvd when I had XP installed. Databoy did all the work for me so I guess I will have to go back to them and see what they can do for me as I did use it a great deal. I wasn’t aware it was only a trial version as I have had it on here for over a year now  :neutral_face:  I will try that site though.  Thank you for your advice  !!

You just found your problem. Google the Office installed fixer.
More than likely you hit MS update instead of Windows update and it tried to update Office, that’s what its looking for.
You could try to remove Office in Add/Remove Programs and install OpenOffice.
Or shell out $300

Download and install OpenOffice
It is free and Microsoft compatible for all your office needs :smile:

For compatibility with Excel you can also install free and open source gnumeric.
This will allow you to work with excel files.

Yes, there is a Windows Installer on there for running on Windows :smile:

From what I have read so far, it would seem the policy editor is the best fix for the installer problem at this time. The downside is having to re-enable it if you need to install.

Don’t use Windows much anymore unless I happen to be on the wife’s laptop for whatever reason, but I did come across this same issue with the installer on a friend’s Vista machine last weekend for the first time, and never got a chance to investigate because his wife was real leary about letting me poke around in his box…
They know me well it would seem :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, if you visit the previous two links I posted and install openoffice and gnumeric, you won’t need Microsoft’s Office or Excel applications :smile:

Yep.  I love openoffice, it is a great program.  Openoffice does ship with Calc, an Excel clone.  Gnumeric is a solid program as well.

Thank you everyone  :smiley:  I am downloading the program as I type here so will keep you posted…Pray for me…LOL

Happy Dance  !! Happy Dance !!  :smiley:  Success all and thank you again, looks like a GREAT program now I just have to figure it all out…Again, pray for me…LOL