Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs on the ASUS EeePC

So I took the plunge and installed Windows FLP on the ASUS EeePC 701.  I did this knowing I could just restore the Xandros distro at any time.

Being a nerd, I took a lot of screenshots and grainy photos along the way: … sus-eeepc/

The verdict?  Very fast, light system.  And it runs all the Windows stuff with no problems.  No real advantage over the Xandros distro in usability, except that it uses less disk space. 

I would have tried the Mac OS X install on the EeePC, but the thought of running Leopard on 512MB of RAM makes me cringe :wink:  When Windows FLP boots, it’s using a memory footprint of 64MB, with no apps running.  Very light.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Awesome. :sunglasses:

Wow. That’s pretty cool. Makes me want one even more. Also I had no idea they had a legacy windows version until you started posting about it. I’ve never seen it for sale anywhere.

I saw one of these today in my class.

It looked really cute and made my 12 powerbook feel like a beast.

What do you think?

Course I didn’t notice the other thread with the EeePC in it.


If you’re going to show up at the next Monday night meeting, let me know, and I’ll bring my EeePC along.  I just put Windows Fundamentals on it, it’s pretty cute. … sus-eeepc/

Personally, I can barely use the keyboard.  It’s too small for me, and the trackpad’s a bit small too.  But man, is it ever super portable!

See previous posts: … 649.0.html

and the one from December: … 441.0.html

It’s not on sale anywhere.  It’s for corporate customers who have a lot of older machines.  You can’t really buy it.

It’s Microsoft’s way of keeping big corporations from dumping Windows for Linux thin clients.

I got a pm from herby, he was selling them i think.

He isn’t selling Windows FLP.  It’s not for sale.  He’s selling EeePCs.

Oh, everybody should go to and digg the blog post.

Ahh… too bad it’s not for sale. I would like to pick up one of these little things, amd I had visions of using it to run the windows software for my animated Christmas lights on it. It would be convenient as hell to just set it up near the control boxes.

You can install normal Windows XP on it, but there isn’t much room left.  Or you can use one of the many “windows lite” utilities to make XP smaller.

Blech.  :neutral_face:

Correct, my mistake, however i downloaded Windows Fundamentals, and its pretty neat.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I really wish Apple still had a 12" powerbook.

Anyway, I’ll bring the EeePC with Windows FLP on it to tonight’s meeting, in case you’re there.

Tonight was my Brothers birthday but maybe next week!

Argghh!! TAKE IT OFF… please
Everytime I pitch one of these puppies I feel like I have to