Windows 8 preview on Mac question

The Windows 8 preview is pretty looking, though it looks more for a mobile phone/tablet than desktop (shiny!)

I am using a Mac but would like to download the Windows 8 preview - I have some questions that I haven’t really been able to successfully answer with Google, so I had to try my luck here !

The RAM you allot to your VM of Windows … is that soley used for the Windows? or is it shared back when you aren’t using it? I have 4 gigs of ram and if I split it up between the two OS, will that affect my overall Mac performance?
Are the files on your mac accessible to the Windows platform install ?

sorry if these are coming across as completely ignorant … I’m just curious as to how it all plays together.
Any input would be appreciated


If you’re running it in VMware, Fusion, or VirtualBox, you can give it 1 gig, and it will run just fine. The more RAM you give it, the less you have available for Mac OS X, but the virtual machine only uses this RAM when it’s running.

And yeah, you can usually drag and drop files from Windows to the Mac, no problem.

windows 8 = gay… i ran it on virtaul box it was lame as shiat.