Windows 7 to Ship In Six Different Versions

Six different versions of 7?!  Weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows 7


I’m glad I will have some choice. I dont think I would be happy if I had to use the same version on my work PC as my home ones, ( why do I need a photo/film editor on my work pc? ) But what do I know, I actualy like Vista.  :unamused:

Each to his own:)  I’m glad Vista works well for you.

kaspersky is offering free antivirus/spyware removal utility for free to windows 7 beta testers… heres a link

Then you don’t need to upgrade. There isn’t a goddam thing in it worth paying for. When you buy a new system, it will come with it.
I like the corporate hijacking of the word choice. It know means you get to choose how badly you’re hosed.

I suppose what I find confusing about multiple versions is the notion that someone would buy software that has fewer features.  Why not offer one version of Windows 7 that has full functionality?

I supose not all systems are capable of running a fully endowed o/s. A little netbook would have very diferent requirements than someone taking advantage of the 64 bit o/s. That would be my guesse anyways.  :neutral_face:

Good point, that makes sense.  I guess I’m used to running an OS that will run on low-end and high-end hardware.  It looks like MS is working hard to push 7 out the door.  I predict 7 will be more successful than Vista.  Competition is a good thing.  This will encourage OS X and Linux to continue to innovate. 
I just read that MS and Red Hat Linux have struck a deal on interoperability (who would have thought?)

Red Hat and MS

Trying to round up a 32bit copy of Windows7 to try on the AspireOne. I don’t know why, XP is unuseable on those things.
The SSD of the Acer is so lame, I read it took a full day to install 7.