Windows 7 looks to be a keeper

    I installed windows 7 v.6956 a week ago, it is fast and stable. Every thing works but dameon tools lite so far, its as fast or faster than xp on all apps and plays all games I installed so far. It has a new task bar and lots of new eye candy and features. It doesn’t use a lot of resourses either. I got it running on a pentium 4 - 2 ghz chip with a lowly 1 gig of ram, an ati radeon 1650 pro video card and a  m-audio 7.1 surround sound card with vista drivers.

    Judgeing by the stablity of this prebeta release I think alot of people are going to be pleasantly surprized by the new os from microsoft.


so it’s like Vista & XP  . . . together?

In unity1?!?!


pfft, they should have done this in the first place!


agreed 100%
download it now… you won’t be disappointed

Build 7000 is out now

good. 10000 more builds and they’ll get it right…

can someone post a link for the torrent? that has the instructions on how to install haha… im a noob

Too true, too true . . . :smile:

no need to hack windows 7 Microsoft just announced windows 7 will be a  free public beta download tomorrow. … -on-friday

Pulling a Godwin.

Is this download supposed to be at

here’s a link for ya … -your.html
to get your download started, but its running really slow due to the high volume 4hours to download the 2.4 GB ISO    :frowning:

11 minutes left… yehhhh

Somebody should tell Microsoft about Bittorrent.

Exactly where i where i got it. average 190kb/s

where do you get the product key

how do you uninstall it if you dont like it ???

I got 2 install keys for windows 7 this morning 32 bit & 64 bit versions and I also just got a dvd of windows home server 2008 in the mail today, the 120 day evaluation kit. :smile:

here is a link to get your key … 7-beta-key

Im all about the windows, I dont know how people get viruses, I never do.  Im always downloading junk.  Im use to vista now and don’t mind it.  I like a bit of complication and how do I solve it once in awhile.

I guess they aren’t as skilled in downloading junk as you are, billy. :stuck_out_tongue: