Wind Farms

I see Nai Kun’s public relations team is in town to convince the Regional District that they are going to save us all from global warming. I personally think its a dumb idea to put wind towers on top of the crab grounds and a major bird flyway. What’s everyone else think about this issue. Or do you see it as an issue?

Your’e right, why would we want to harness the wind for power when we could dam more rivers, burn more coal

LOL, nice!

Not to mention all the crabs that would get chopped up as they flew by.
Or playing God by enhancing evolution and removing all the deaf, blind and really stupid birds from the gene pool.
Jeez, I just realized that those diced up deaf, blind and really stupid birds would make really good CRAB FOOD…

More Bullshit from the high paid spin doctors is what I see or hear, it’s non stop over here on Haida Gwaii.

Trying to make freinds with the people they think have any influence with the Haida.

Ah, yes, the well reasoned and thought out arguements we’ve come to know and love on htmf.

Is it at all possible that harnessing wind power is a wonderful idea but that Dogfish Bank is not a good place for it?

Looks to me like making an effort to make this move to renewable power as complicated as possible. With millions of locations that are windy year round - why pick a spot in the midst of viable fishing grounds and a massive bird migratory route? 

The conspiracy theorist in me figures this is a deliberate effort to set up renewable energy for failure - thus allowing the non-renewable energy harvest to continue until sucked dry for every drop of oil, grain of coal and every last red penny that can be taken from suckers like us.

Well, we could put a few on Mount Hays, but then they’d be in your backyard, so of course we can’t have that.

This just in: the birds will be ok.

Well, we could put a few on Mount Hays, but then they’d be in your backyard, so of course we can’t have that. [/quote]

I happen to think that wind farms have a certain beauty to them. I would happily offer my backyard - especially if it is within municipal boundaries…taxes!!!

Oh - get real. Birds will fly into a completely stationary building, fer cryin’ out loud. I figure, the fact that the blades are actually moving (slowly, yes, but still moving) should give the birds, statistically, a better chance.

And the new Nai Kun CEO is…the former CEO of ICBC, who coincidently just stepped down as the crap hit the … uh…windmill over corruption under his watch.

I love how those birds keep crashing into mountains. 

Please won’t someone think of the birds!

I wonder how many birds have crashed into the cranes at the port? 


The birds are like dying :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


From one chop shop to another I guess…

( trying to figure how anyone could oppose windfarms )

When I was a little kid, I watched this movie called “Mac and Me” or something like that.  I can’t really remember what it was about, but there were wind farms in it.  At the time, I had no clue what all the windmills were for, but I remember thinking it looked so cool!  I wished that we had lots of windmills like that here, even though I didn’t know why!  ha ha.  I still think they look really neat, and I would love to see one set up somewhere.