Win2000 network settings

Have a really screwed up system: Windows 2000 with a NIC and a PCI wireless card. Shares the wireless internet through the NIC.
Neither one retains it’s IP settings, though both require a static IP. Reboot, and both reset to Obtain Automatic IP. Both were set in Admin mode.
Any ideas?

Kick it. If that doesn’t work, shoot it.

Any errors in your event log that may seem related?

Why not set the Wireless Nic card to DHCP and the internal nic to a static Ip. ?

sounds like you’re router isnt setup properly. Try setting up your DHCP so that it renews the ip once a year, or tell it not to renew for a really long time. If you have two network devices installed in one machine, chances are you will need to assign them both static ips.

Jason: Please lookup the word "require"
Delirious: Please RTFQ

Lets not be a hater, seeing as you came here asking for help. Just for clarification, I take it your setup is Modem -> NIC on comp -> PCI wireless adaptor -> wireless appliance?
Before I got my router, I had a similar setup. Its god awful. Invest in a wireless router off eBay or something, cheap cheap cheap.

I cheated. "Sir your computer is f***ed. I happen to have a new one here for only $xxxx"
We gave up on it… even deleted all the network stuff in the registry, ran the Windows repair function and it still wouldn’t work.
However, the same PCI wireless card works fine in his new one with Win2000.
We reused his old card because the new Airplus Extreme 108 would retain the IP address, but it wouldn’t work with it.
I should stop using ‘wireless’ it’s come to mean something else now…

Here’s testing a wireless connection sharing system:

mountaintop -> (pvt IP block/WEP/MAC) ->Xicom PCI wireless card (only some work longrange) -> ICS -> NIC -> DLink AP/router -> scale NIC & -> Wavelan BronzePCMCIA in ISA mount in logyard Pentium 120…

soon as I get my hands on it:
mountaintop -> CP200 -> Dlink AP cabled to scale NIC -> CP80 on new computer… heh heh! The new stuff lox to one channel, has web interface and Windows don’t even know it’s wireless. It’s perfect.

I did it lastnight with my computer and Nikki’s Home tower. and it workede just fine…

Wirless card DHCP.
Internal Nic card and well guess what it work’s… And im even running a 2 year old laptop… Did you guys try a cross over cable ?