Win groceries for Life!

Overwaitea Foods is involved in a fundraising event for B.C. Children’s Hospital. It’s called" Round up For kids". All you have to do is present your save-on-more card, round up your grocery bill to the next dollar, and you are automatically entered to win groceries for life. If for example your bill comes to $9.45 the cashier will ask if you would like to round-up to $10.00, you pay 55cents to the Children’s Hospital and voila, you are now entered to win groceries for life… Overwaitea Food Group is matching dollar for dollar, the amounts that each of the stores raises. Prince Rupert Overwaitea is averaging $200.00 a day from customer donations.This amount is being matched from The Company. so that’s $400.00 a day to the B.C.C.H. The event is going until the end of May.

:smile: Smart !!! whoever came up with up with this idea…and it’s not a lot from each person, but is going to “add” up for the kids…I am sure proud to shop at Overwaitea… love all the things they do for the people of Pr. Rupert and B.C. communities

This is a great idea! I’m also participating in this good cause. :smile:

Prince Rupert Overwaitea is in the #1 spot in all of B.C. for Round-up Donations!!! This is fantastic, the people in this town are very generous when it comes to making donations towards a good cause such as this. Let’s keep up the good work.